1 Day Left To Wait !!!

HoM lets me preserve my past

HoM lets me preserve my past

I am so looking forward to this. I finished the install, and then I downloaded the patches. Wait… done? So fast? Wow, I was expecting hours of downloading patches like its main competitor, but this game downloads only what it needs so you can get into the game faster. Sweet!

Character editor… which profession to pick? I went for ranger, because I do love my pets. I also got access to some extra summons.

I really like how the game is designed so you can play your profession in different ways, borrowing gameplay roles traditionally reserved for other professions. As a ranger, I can play melee, ranged, I can even do some party support/healing if I want even though that is probably not the best role for me. I can summon spirits too. I thought having a limited number of skills would be prohibitive, but boy I was wrong… selecting the skills to make a build is a game in itself… some many possibilities and combinations! I like that even as a ranger, I can resurrect others. This was a game-changer a number of times.

As I explore the world, I am almost never alone. Wherever I go, there are allies. Other players, NPCs, even henchmen. I really like playing as part of a team, even if my team-mates are not always listening to me lol

Combat is fluid, dynamic, and oh my… I can dodge stuff. Actually getting out of the way of shots makes me not get hit by them! I love it, it means I can rain pain from a range with my longbow, and dodge attacks as a way to survive.

Instead of the humdrum of killing static respawning foes, or having to read wall-of-texts, I am given clear and varied objectives. I can actually fail those, which has consequences. There are also tons of other rewarding activities I can take part of, like exploring the world, going into dungeons, gather materials and make myself some exotic armor, or jump in for some PvP with my level maxed.

Speaking of PvP, I really enjoy how varied it is. You can play more competitively, or more casual. You can join competitive PvP with a max level character without having to level one, so you are at a level playing field. The combat is exciting, pitting a team against another. The casual PvP has you attack a castle or defend it, or it has you fight over resource routes. I also like PvP moments when you end up a big group against another big group, those were some epic fights.

And now I finished the game, but there is so much more to do! I can go back and replay content I missed, it won’t be trivial because of some smart game design decisions. But no, I decide to roll a new character, and enjoy the game again from a different perspective. Each profession has it’s own gameplay afterall, and I really want to try a new one.

I was disappointed that I could not roll a dervish starting in Tyria. Oh well, I’ll play that another day. Ritualist too. For now, I roll an elementalist, and get ready to nuke some pre-searing monsters with my fire spells. I look forward to making my secondary profession monk, so I can heal allies if I need to.

Thanks ArenaNet for a great game that has given me countless hours of play. I look forward to playing its sequel tomorrow.

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