13 skills unlocked, so many to go!


After a few months of beta testing and three months after the release in August, the GWO Elementalist forum has “unlocked” thirteen skills of Guild Wars 2’s attunement swapping profession.

What are those “Skills of Interest”, you might ask?

On a regular basis, Gorani – the forum’s moderator – takes an in-depth look at a skill, its current use and stats, its history since the early betas and how well it does compared to other skills. Does is have synergies with traits, is it more useful in PvP or PvE? This and more, you can find on the “Skills of Interest” threads.
You are invited to leave a comment and join the discussion. Share your expertise with the community and perhaps learn something new, too.

Swap to the Elementalist forum now and check out the latest addition to the series:
Signet of Air.

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