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For our second community feature here at GWOnline, we wanted to talk to someone with a lot of hands-on experience of PvP in Guild Wars 1 at its peak. We were therefore very happy to be able to catch Shawn Smith, or Shawn The Divine as he is known as in the Guild Wars PvP […]

Amazing Guild Wars 2 Music Remix

Browsing through YouTube I stumbled upon this rather amazing remix of the piano theme from the Guild Wars 2 Gamescom 2011 trailer. Made by YouTuber Matt Visual. We here at GWOnline are always excited to see what the fans do with the already excellent ArenaNet art. Know of other remixes that we should showcase here […]

Sunday Weekly Guild Wars News Roundup

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Sunday Guild Wars News Roundup, one day late on account of the holidays (Happy Holidays all!). After last week’s information overload, this week’s batch was again more normal sized. That does not mean that nothing new surfaced however. There were interviews, a brand new Delevopment update from the […]
As promised, we share with you the first part of the Guild Wars Live Team interview about the content that was added with the “Winds of Change” updates. I was surprised about the length of the answers, especially the ones voicing critique on some of the things the community did not enjoy so much (need […]

Costume Code Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the Wintersday costume code giveaway. The winners have now been chosen and sent their codes. The winners were as follows… MasterRangerium Shawn Markaedw CSmith

Happy Holidays From All at GWOnline

I would like to wish all of you happy holiday from myself and all the moderator team here at GWOnline. Although Santa didn’t bring us Guild Wars 2 we can  look forward to the next few months and what is still to come. Anyway, have a safe holiday and enjoy the time off.
It’s always best to look sharp over the holiday period so we have teamed up with ArenaNet to give the community the chance to win a double pack of Wintersday costume codes. So how can you win? Simple! Posts a comment in this news item and you are entered into the random draw. We have […]

Interview teaser – More Live Team Q&A coming soon!

I had the chance to submit a set of questions for the Guild Wars Live Team a few weeks ago and wants to share the rest of the answers of that interview with you very soon. John Stumme and Robert Gee have given us information about the development of Winds of Change that you […]

ANet Gives Guild Wars 2 Year End Development Update

The developers over at ArenaNet have just released an update for the end of the year. Topics of discussion include the achievement system, promised information about tweaks to the thief profession, and finally enhancements to the fighting skill animation system. Head on over to the blog article and get the details! What is your opinion […]

Synthesis: What’s known about the Mesmer?

The release of the 8th and final profession – the Mesmer – was accompanied by a deluge of interviews. Through these interviews and the profession page, we have learned that the Mesmer is a magical-duelist who uses his or her illusions, and mental trickery to confuse a foe and setup situations beneficial only to the […]

Sunday weekly Guild Wars news roundup

After a few weeks low on the info, this week offered so much new Guild Wars intel that it was almost overwhelming to keep track of it all. Luckily we here at GWOnline have done the work for you, rounding up all the new info about the Guild Wars 2 mesmer, the Reddit AMA session, […]

Guildcast on Gamebreaker – Episode 1

The first ever episode on the new Guildcast which is now on Big news this week to be discussed including the closed Beta announcement and the Mesmer.

Your mesmer has evolved !!!

250 seems to have changed the mesmer a lot. He has a lot more visual effects for one, so that foes and allies alike can see he’s doing *something*. He’s also decided to move the names of spells to new unrelated spells, just to confuse us… ah yes, mesmers like to do that. But has […]
Guild Wars columnist, guild leader, podcaster and now tv show host. Rubi Bayer is a busy woman with many talents. Yesterday being the grand premiere of the new Guildcast tv show, GWOnline took the opportunity to ask Rubi some questions about the show, Guild Wars and her feelings about Guild Wars 2. Follow after the jump for […]
In the midst of the giant mesmer chaos storm, the annual Guild Wars 1 Wintersday event almost flew under the radar. Luckily we here at GWOnline are both vigilant and keen! The 2011 Wintersday celebrations include the traditional seasonal decorations, snowball tournaments, sweets, drinks, party favours and fun games. Also, ArenaNet is offering two brand new […]