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IncGamers Guild Wars 2 Interview – Part 2

The second part of our very own Guild Wars 2 interview with Eric Flannum is now available for your reading pleasure as John continues probing Eric. You can check out part 2 which has gone live today here, and if you missed yesterday’s installment check out part one. Topics in today’s interview include lot sharing […]

Guild Wars 2 Fan Day on Gamebreaker TV

Gamebreaker TV’s ‘This week in MMOs’ includes a segment discussing last week’s Guild Wars 2 Fan Day at ArenaNet discussing what when down at the studio. Tune in below:

William Fairfield on Designing the Dungeons

The ArenaNet blog has received yet another update with William Fairfield discussing dungeon design. When sitting down to design the flow of a dungeon, my first consideration is creating challenges that the player must use skill and ingenuity to overcome. I’m not just designing these challenges for the players though; I’m designing them for myself […]

IncGamers Eric Flannum Interview

If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know that the main site popped over to Germany this week to catch up with ArenaNet as the EU press was shown the same content that was on show at the Fan Day last week. John from IncGamers was on hand to check out the new content […]

G4 Dungeons Preview

Spotted this one last night, a Dungeons preview on G4 based on the press day last week at ArenaNet and it’s a good lengthy article. Here’s a snip: The explorable mode of the dungeon was much harder than I had anticipated, and that’s always something I welcome in MMOs. I love a challenge, and that’s […]

Guild Wars 2 Fan Day Coverage

With there being a press day and a GW2 Fan Day back to back there are numerous bits and pieces to check out including some great videos from the event as well as pics. Check the full run-down of what;s surfaced so far after the break… Pictures from the Fan Day Video Footage including the […]

Changing the Game Article

It looks like the recent Fan Day has meant more articles on GW2 which can only be a good thing. The latest is a new article on IGN called Changing the Game which is based on recent play time. Nothing monumental in the article that we don’t already know but worth a read for the […]

Guild Wars 2 Dungeons Update

As well as the underwater combat update, ArenaNet has also released a new page entitled ‘Into the Dungeons’ in which Jeff Grubb discusses the Dungeons in the game and the different types of Dungeons available to players. Here’s a snip: Each of our dungeons is divided into story and explorable versions. The story version of each […]

Jonathan Sharp Talks Underwater Combat

This is one topic many of you have been wanting some answers on this and the latest ArenaNet blog looks at underwater combat. The good news is that when you are underwater you won’t need to worry about breathing until your health hits zero. At that point you will enter a ‘drowning state’ and to […]

Guild Wars 2 Fan Day Underway

As you may know if you’ve hit the forums here on the, the Guild Wars 2 Fan Day is now underway. As you may or may not know, our woman on the ground is Bellissima who is hopefully having a great time over at ArenaNet. Watch our for more on the Fan Day here on […]

Guild Wars 2 Asset Kit

Perhaps you are needing some new art for a blog or you simply want to view more tasty Guild Wars 2 assets then you can now grab ArenaNet’s GW2 asset kit. The pack includes logos, concept art, screenshots and the current Game FAQ. The pack some sin two sizes 193Mb and 333Mb for those with […]

Expansion Plans Not Confirmed

A couple of days ago it was reported in an interview that no stand-alone expansion would be coming to Guild Wars 2. According to a statement released by ArenaNet today, they are still yet to confirm any post release plans despite comments made in the interview. “At present time the ArenaNet team is entirely focused […]

Anet | The Mostly Harmless Quaggan

Jeff Grub has just released a lot of lore information on the Quaggan who are intelligent, benign, amphibious beings who originally made their homes in the depths of the Unending Ocean. They have recently moved into the shallower waters along the Tarnished Coast and the Sea of Sorrows, as well as inland to the freshwater lakes. […]

No Expansions for Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet will be taking a different approach when it comes to new content updates for Guild Wars 2. According to Eric Flannum, there will be no stand-alone expansions for the game as we saw with the original Guild Wars. Instead, ArenaNet will be adding new content, including regions, via the game’s store. So why the […]