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Nights of the mini pets has started!

The Nights of the mini pets event is an annual in-game Guild Wars 1 event, presented by Blade Radio. This year’s event just started today, so be sure to join in at Lions Arch International Districts 1, 2 and 3 for some trick-and-treating, Guild Wars style! Check out the thread in our community forum for details

Wish You Were Here – ArenaNet’s environmental postcards

A new blog post was just published over at the ArenaNet blog. This one is penned by David Campbell and the topic of the day is the environment in the Guild Wars universe. You know, those backdrops that make walking around in the the world of Guild Wars feel like being in paintings come to life. David shares a […]

ArenaNet’s Halloween art contest winners announced

    ArenaNet just announced the winners for their 2011 Halloween art contest. The grand prize winner was Adrien from France, who submitted an animated video of a very special round of rock-paper-scissors, Mad King style. Other winners included a painted skateboard, paintings, figurines, costumes and a cake. Congratulations to all the winners from us here at Guild Wars […]

NCsoft master account not needed for HoM link

Since the announcement of the Hall of Monuments as a mechanism to display Guild Wars 1 achievements in Guild Wars 2, it has been known that each Guild Wars 2 account can only recieve perks earned by one Guild Wars 1 account. The link between the two accounts will be through an in-game item where you […]

ArenaNet Audio Team Field Recording Trip

ArenaNet just published a new blog post, this time about all the work that goes into making the Guild Wars 2 audio. James Ackley brings us on an audio team field trip starting at 5 in the morning. The destination? Satsop Business Park, the site of a nuclear power plant that was never completed…
Do you have an artistic eye, a musical ear or an imaginative pen? In that case you should immediately head over to our community forum and check out our official Guild Wars Incgamers Halloween contest. There are three categories: Art Music/video Literature. Prizes are Guild Wars 1 in-game swag (undedicated Smite Crawler miniature, armbraces, over […]
A new minor races blog post, penned by Jeff Grubb, was just published over at the ArenaNet blog. The topic of the day is the Grawl, simian creatures living on the edge of civilization. Jeff tells us about Grawl society, their customs and religious beliefs, as well as how they are looked upon by the […]

IncGamers: The Week That Was… (ending 16/10/11)

It’s the end of the week which means a wrap-up of everything from the main site and the world of video games. The big review this week was the the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham City which comes out next week on consoles and 11 November on the PC. Also this week were reviews for Ace Combat: Assault […]

Pink Day in LA

October being the international breast cancer awareness month, Gamer’s Giving Back and the Gaming World Entertainment Network host “Pink Day in LA” on October 15th 12pm – 6pm CDT. Pink Day in LA is an online event bringing the Guild Wars community together to raise breast cancer awareness as well as donations for the Canadian […]

MMORPG | Guild Wars 2 preview extravaganza

Our friends over at just published not one, not two, but three(!) preview articles about Guild Wars 2. Part one focuses on the PvP, part 2 takes a look at how the PvE is coming along, and the final part is an editorial about the game in general looking forward, especially in relation to […]

IncGamers: The week that was…

As gamers we know you guys are checking out other bits and pieces of gaming news and there’s been some great coverage over on the main this week including reviews for the biggest game releases this past week such as Forza Motorsport 4, Dark Souls, Rage and A Game of Thrones: Genesis to name […]

CynicalBrit | Guild Wars 2 Developer Talk

As a final wrap-up, TotalHalibut at CynicalBrit just uploaded a two-part video of the Eurogamer Expo Developer talk. Featuring gameplay, character creation, and more. Part 1 Part 2

Guardians of Tyria | Tirzah Bauer talks about the guardian

Varyn over at Guardians of Tyria had the opportunity to talk to Tirzah Bauer, environment artist for ArenaNet and part of the team that designed the Battle of Kyhlo PvP map. Tirzah was part of ArenaNet’s PvP team at gamescom and PAX Prime, where she played a female asura guardian. In the interview she shares […]