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The trinity vs the hybrid

A Guild Wars 2 podcast (see link in roundup below) played devil’s advocate trying to list possible reasons why Guild Wars 2 might fail. One was that players will figure out what the best builds are, and how to make the trinity work. They used the guardian as a tank in their example (which they […]

Sunday weekly Guild Wars news roundup

Welcome to the third weekly GWOnline Guild Wars news roundup, which means that we can now call it a regular thing! This week Jim Boer at ArenaNet posted a developer blog about the iterative process of the conversation cinematics in Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet also showed that they still care about Guild Wars 1, by […]

MMO Report’s Guild Wars 2 voice over special

For their Thanksgiving special show, The MMO Report sent Casey Schreiner over to the ArenaNet studios to have a chat with their voice actor talent as well as try to get himself casted as one! PC Games – E3 2012 – Guild Wars 2

Sign up as a GWOnline Secret Charr!

Sure Thanksgiving is not even over yet, but Wintersday is just an Asura-toss away. It is already time to get festive, and what better way to get in the proper Wintersday spirit than by participating in GWOnline’s very own Secret Charr? Secret Charr works exactly the same as Secret Santa, just with a little more […]

NCsoft sale – Half off on the GW 1 trilogy + Eye of the North

This coming weekend, NCsoft is offering the original Guild Wars 1 trilogy and the expansion Eye of the North for half prize. The sales prizes are Guild Wars Trilogy for $14.99 and Eye of the North for $9.99. The sale runs from November 25 (12:01 AM Pacific Time) to November 28 (11:59 PM Pacific Time) […]

Jim Boer Discusses Guild Wars 2 Cinematic Conversations

The latest ArenaNet develeper blog comes from Jim Boer who takes a further look at the cinematic conversations  in the game. The amount of work involved in creating  around fifteen hundred cinematic conversations is not easy and the team have faced some challenges in making the system not only work but look decent. According to Jim, because […]

Guild Wars 1 account restorations now possible

ArenaNet just announced that for Guild Wars 1 accounts hacked after October 1, 2011, they will be able to restore a player’s account to its pre-hacked status under certain conditions. Support will first need to carefully research the hacking incident and perform the following steps: Verify that the person requesting the restoration is the original […]

Sunday weekly Guild Wars news roundup

Welcome to the second weekly GWOnline news roundup. Last week was as you all know the G*Star 2011, and one news item in particular should get some juices flowing among the PvP community. The ArenaNet development team, with players such as Karl and Izzy, got beat by a fan team comprised of none other than […]
We here at GWOnline are proud to present the Guild Wars 2 comic “Can I Play GW2?” by ActionJack as a feature here on the site. With his very own take on Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet, ActionJack’s comic has been a smash hit in the Guild Wars fan art community. Now also our audience […]
We here at GWOnline were delighted to see how much spooky creativity showed up to haunt the forums for our Halloween contest! The judging is now over, and the winners were announced in the contest thread in our community forum. Grand prize – Battletoad First prize – stoudacz Second prize – Konig Des Todes Third […]

Guild Wars 2 trailer made in Minecraft

Check out this fan-made Guild Wars 2 trailer made entirely in Minecraft. Uploaded by YouTube user jamesdarandom, who took a whole week to finish his blocky recreation of the Guild Wars 2 Gamescom 2011 trailer. We here at GWOnline only have one word for this feat – awesome!

Weekly news roundup – link extravaganza!

This week ArenaNet and NCsoft showed off Guild Wars 2 to the Asian market at the G*Star 2011 gaming convention (Convention site, NCsoft booth, ArenaNet flickr stream). The demo was beefed up with more character creation options and better in-game cinematics, among other things (ArenaNet blog about the new demo, ArenaNet blog about the improved […]
The end of the convention season is here, and rounding up the field is the G*Star 2011. Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet and their publisher NCsoft are of course at site, for the first time showcasing Guild Wars 2 to the Asian market. For the convention the Guild Wars 2 demo has been beefed up, with more character […]
The engineer got a tool belt overcharge, where every slotted heal/utility skill has a tool belt counterpart. Rangers are able to hotswap between two different pets in combat. And combos have a graphical interphase and their very own nomenclature (“initators” set up the combo and “finishers”, well, finish). These are but some of the news in the blog post Jon […]