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As promised, we share with you the first part of the Guild Wars Live Team interview about the content that was added with the “Winds of Change” updates. I was surprised about the length of the answers, especially the ones voicing critique on some of the things the community did not enjoy so much (need […]

Sunday Weekly Guild Wars News Roundup

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Sunday Guild Wars News Roundup, one day late on account of the holidays (Happy Holidays all!). After last week’s information overload, this week’s batch was again more normal sized. That does not mean that nothing new surfaced however. There were interviews, a brand new Delevopment update from the […]

Costume Code Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the Wintersday costume code giveaway. The winners have now been chosen and sent their codes. The winners were as follows… MasterRangerium Shawn Markaedw CSmith