2012 Wintersday Advent Calendar Being Planned

Back in 2007, the fan artists of GWOnline and GWGuru came together and created a Guild Wars Wintersday Advent Calendar. Perynne, the organizer of the last advent calendar, is again organizing an advent calendar for this year in Guild Wars 2 theme and is looking for artists of any skill levels and any specialty.

The calendar will feature 24 different artists for each day, and so far there are 12 artists with the Wintersday fun in their hearts. The calendar showcases all sorts of art pieces: novice and advanced, analog and digital, painting and crafting, comical and serious, drawn, screenshotted, and collaged.

If you are interested in participating, inquire with Perynne or in the appropriate thread in the Fan Arts forum.



The 2007 Calendar

2007 Calendar Thread

2012 Calendar Thread


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