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GWOnline’s Charr Plushie art contest is now officially over, and the winners have been chosen. Auntie sure had her work cut out for her, with a lot of very excellent submissions! The two final winners, each being awarded one Charr Plushie, were satomz and Odinius. Satomz contributed a sun catcher based on the map symbol for the […]

Screenshots of PvP Scholar Armor and Lobby

  A couple more new screenshots for you today have surfaced over on GWI, this time showing the PvP Scholar Armor and the PvP Lobby.

Guild Wars 2 System Specs Soon

Will your PC cut it for Guild Wars 2? I’m sure many of you are thinking about an upgrade before the game hits but right now we don’t have any ideas of the  min system specs. Gaile popped in the official wiki with an update Hi there. Another GW2 fan asked the same question recently, […]

New Guild Wars 2 PvP Map Screenshots

The guys at GWInsider have posted four spanking new PvP screenshots from Guild Wars 2 and they are from a new PvP map which we have not seen before and will hopefully be available in the Bets test when that arrives in the coming weeks.

Sunday Weekly News Roundup

This week stuff sure has been happening in the world of Guild Wars! We have had not one but two sparkling new official ArenaNet blog post, one of which positively sent the community into a feeding frenzy. Mike O’Brien, president of ArenaNet, wished everyone a good Year of the Dragon, on the surface nothing special. […]
Of Squee and QQ Every new game eventually butts head with the full gaming community – upon release.  With expectations and ideals so diverse among the community, there will  always be those who do not like the cake.  Whether the cake gets devoured, is awkwardly accepted with lingering disappointment, or altogether shunned; one can imagine hearts […]

Guild Wars 2 Release in June? Think So

The release date lottery for Guild Wars 2 begins as post up their pre-order page for the game with a release date of June and a price of 49 Euros. As you know retailer’s dates are never that accurate and we have to take them with a pinch of salt. It is however nice […]

Head to Head: Engineer vs Elementalist

People who know me know I love summons. But more than that, I do love hybrids. Guild Wars 2 will offer a lot of ways to play hybrid with all professions, especially with the weapon swaps. However, the two most flexible on-the-fly hybrids have one thing in common… they do not have a weapon swap. […]
ArenaNet’s developer blog has received another update and in this instalment they take a look at the race of giants called the Jotun. The blog comes with a stack of lore as well as some developer notes on the Jotun. Even though we had established the jotun in the original games, we wanted to really bring them […]

ArenaNet developers talk PvP in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars Insider recently had a sit-down with three of the more PvP-savvy ArenaNet developers – PvP Systems Designers Matt Witter, Mike Ferguson and Jonathan Sharp. In the interview, available in audio as well as transcribed text, the three fellows really let their love for the Guild Wars 2 PvP shine through and they sound […]

Guild Wars 2 Beta Starts February

OK so I am super excited! Mike O’Brien the ArenaNet blog this morning to announce that the beta will start in February! Welcome to the Year of the Dragon! Today is Lunar New Year’s Day, and according to the Asian zodiac system, the first day of the Year of the Dragon. It’s an auspicious omen […]

Sunday Weekly News Roundup

This week we have seen new information on cross-profession skill combos, the “Hearts” system glimpsed in Guild Wars 2 demo videos, and the winner of the AlienWare Guild Wars 2 diorama contest was announced. As per usual, there have also been podcasts, videos, blog posts, columns, as well as even more 2012 most anticipated lists. […]

ArenaNet Dev Team Share their Favourite Guild Wars 2 Skills

IGN managed to pin down the ArenaNet dev team to find out exactly what their favourite professions and skills are in the game. It’s  fun read and there are nine to read through. Here’s a snip: Well of Darkness + Churning Earth = Rockin’ AoE Damage Professions: Necromancer, Elementalist “This is a brutal combo. A […]

Interview with Angel Leigh McCoy

Angel Leigh McCoy is one of the writers and game designers at Arenanet currently working on GW2. She recently gave an interview at Nevermetpress about her work, and her writing. The interview covers her early career as a writer for table-top RPG but also includes a discussion about how she ended up at Arenanet as […]

Sunday Weekly Guild Wars News Roundup

As we reported last week, ArenaNet now has the Charr Plushie back in stock. And we here at GWOnline have gotten our hands on two of them. Furthermore, we are offering them to our community as prizes! Head over to the GWOnline community forums for the full details. Other news this week include several ArenaNet […]