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For this next installment of the GWOnline Community Features we had a chat with Rhonda, also known as Malibu Barbie to the Guild Wars community. Rhonda is one of the central figures of the “Pink Day in LA” events in Guild Wars 1, and we were of course thrilled to hear that she and the […]

IncGamers Podcast #67

The team are back with the weekly podcast show discussing the big videogame news from the past week, as well as the games the team have been getting stuck into, reviews and cool content that’s coming this week on the site. Drop over and listen in now or catch it on iTunes.

PvP Action Shots – Pets and Armor

It’s the third day of PvP shots over at GWI and in today’s batch we have new armor, Ranger Pets, Mesmers and some great looking visual effects.