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By now everyone should know that theĀ Guild Wars 2 Beta signup has started. To mark this momentous occasion, we here at GWOnline decided to host our first ever “GWOnline Blog Extravaganza” contest! The rules are simple. You make a blog post in the Community Blog section titled: “GWOnline Blog Extravaganza – If I Were In […]
This is it folks, we are now on our way to a public Beta. You have a short 48 hour window to get your name down. [ANET]Tyria needs play testers! Sign up now for a chance to participate in one of the upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta events. Beta Signup is only open for 48 […]

What I did on my GW2 Beta trip part 2

At the end of my last report on my experiences over the GW2 beta I’d just helped to defeat the the mighty wurm, Issormir, earning me respect from my fellow Norn hunters; and it now appears to be the day after, or possibly longer after drinking all that ale, since the Great Hunt.

Charr Beta Gameplay Footage #2

I have finally had some time to dig through the video today and I have put together a couple more videos to show my Charr Elementalist out questing and dropping in on a couple of events down at the tar pits and then taking on the Flame Legion. The second of the two videos is […]