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What’s Up With All The Top 10s Today?

The keen observer will have noticed an unusual amount of “Top 10″ content from Guild Wars 2 fansites today. And she or he would be right, because it is no accident! Thinking it would be fun to do a co-ordinated Guild Wars 2 Fansite Flash Content Spike we asked around among our friends who would be interested in […]

NCSoft Explain Pricing Discrepancy with CE in US and Europe

As many of you wil have noiticed, it’s more expensive to get your hands on a CE of Guild Wars 2 if you are in Europe. So why is that? NCSoft has commented on this because the CE costs $149.99 in the US and €149.99/£129.99 in Europe. With the with the excahnge rate you can […]
The last time I played Guild Wars 2 was 2 years ago, in Köln during the GamesCom. That was an hour only, standing, in a very crowded and noisy area. This time, I was sitting behind my own (elderly) PC, with only my cats to bother me (told my husband I wouldn’t be available for […]

Top 10 Meta-Reasons Guild Wars 2 is a 10

A lot of the same reasons come up when you see people’s top 10: no subscription fee, low grind, high replay value, AAA, dynamic events, WvW, visceral combat… however, Guild Wars 2 isn’t a grocery list of gimmicks, rather, those features are the tip of the iceberg that is ArenaNet’s design philosophy. That philosophy permeates […]

Top 10 Guild Wars 2 Skills with a Guild Wars Predecessor

Guild Wars 2 is still in beta, so skills are constantly changing. But, just for fun, I took a look through the skill list as it stands after the March beta weekend and pulled out some skills that were in Guild Wars. (Sorry, engineer – womp womp.) This list is based entirely on my on […]
I had a chance to play the guardian during the recent Guild Wars 2 beta event. It was my first taste of Guild Wars 2, so not only I had to learn about the profession, but also the game itself. I played the guardian up to level 15 in PvE and WvW, so my impressions […]

Guild Wars 2 Beta Footage

Over the last couple of days we at GWOnline have pushed out a lot of gameplay footage from last week-end’s Guild Wars 2 Press Beta event. Too much footage in fact to post everything here. And we are still not done! Here is but a taste:

IncGamers Podcast #75 – Guild Wars 2 Featured

This week’s IncGamers podcast is now online and features myself and Peter discussing the Guild Wars 2 Beta. For a change we released a video edition which includes GW2 gameplay, some of which you may have seen here on the site already. Listen or watch for all the gaming news and gossip. Also subscribe to […]

Random Comments that Didn’t Fit in the Other Articles

In this article, I’ll be making random comments on quest types, professions, maps and traveling, grouping quick, and UI. Enjoy! Quest types – Made for Diversity Yes, it’s an MMO, so you will have to kill stuff, help people, collect junk. It’s unavoidable. However, ArenaNet has improved the formula quite a bit by: (1) Making […]

Is There a Range For Everyone?

I have played the Elementalist now for a second day (still unlocking skills on weapons, currently the Focus as the final weapon) and I have to say that I am starting to get a favourite range: not too close, not too far. Switching to main hand dagger this morning showed me how limited the range […]

Structured Player vs. Player

Structured PvP is ArenaNet’s competitive PvP. Let’s be honest for a moment, I assume that World vs. World will be a lot of fun, but it’s hardly the place you would go to see which of two teams actually have the best skills. Structured PvP is ArenaNet’s best chance at an e-sport. Now before I […]

Playing Healer in a Healer-Less Game

You all heard ArenaNet saying that they nuked the trinity. No more tanking, no more dedicated healer… I guess they needed to keep the nuker so they could nuke the trinity. Well, what of those who like me loved to play healer? So I made as best as I could a dedicated healer, and gave […]

Beta Weekend 2 Coverage Round-up – Part 2

There’s been a lot of GW2 action since the Beta wrapped up so let’s tale a look at more of of the coverage both here and around the Intertubes. GWO How to gether, how to craft – by Gorani Running and Waypoints in GW2 – by CMEPTb Musings of an Armchair Mesmer – Changes between beta tests – […]

Mike O’Brien on Microtransactions

With so much coverage going on here at GWO following the Beta weekend, this almost slipped through the net. Mike O’Brien has been talking to PCGamers about the microtransacton model in Guild Wars 2 following last week’s announcement. The article/interview can be checked out on PCGamer. Here’s a quick snip: [ANET]“You know it’s not going […]