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Where Will All Your Money Go?

For everybody that played during the beta weekend, it is obvious where all the money from players is supposed to go: To some Arena.Net vault managed by Asura and guarded by little golems. Unlike the first Guild Wars, where you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to play, Guild Wars 2 will […]

WvW as Level 1? Checking’s Claim

This morning, after not being able to log on last evening, I wanted to check out WvWvW, which was not very populated during the March press beta, we at GWO could attend. How much would the lag I experienced every time when meeting more than 10 people affect WvWvW? A lot. I had the impression, […]

Free and Unlimited World Transfers During BWE

The very first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend is now well(-ish) underway. Legions of fans are battling it out in game as we speak, and legions more are banging their fists at the door, hoping to get in. ArenaNet is aware of the problems many have with gaining access and are hard at work getting everyone […]

US Digital Pre-orders Temporarily Sold Out

If you’re in the US I hope you got in nice and early with your pre-order because the digital pre-order are now temporarily “sold out”. Regina posted this a little while ago to explain the situation. [ANET]”We have sold out of keys for digital distribution in North America. GameStop and Best Buy still have stock […]

Press Beta Weekend Q&A Roundup

After the last Press Beta Weekend back in March we here at GWOnline let all of our members ask questions about the game. And they asked! We have collected the questions and answers here in this post, so you have something to read while waiting those last few hours before the Beta Weekend Event starts. We find out […]

Blog your Hearts out

… and your Dynamic Events, and your World vs World stories, and your character creation experiences, and …. Whatever you’re doing this weekend, come share it on the GWOnline blogs! It’s the best way to immortalise your experiences and opinions of the weekend! Creating a blog is super easy, one of our wonderful admins, Lensor, […]
GWOnline’s resident Guild Wars 1 alliance* has decided on making one huge alliance guild for the very first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event, and all of you are invited to join the fun! PvE, WvW or structured PvP, we will do it all! On the European servers you will find us in Vabbi, and on the […]

Alaris’s Beta Weekend Event Guide

This guide is meant to help people get the most out of their weekend event… because even if you forgo sleep, eating, and biobreaks, there is much more to be done than you can do in one weekend. Here I provide some ideas for your to-do list, and some advice to help you find what […]

The Aesthetics and Creative Side of GW2 – Part 3: Customization

continued from Part 2: Audio It’s expected that the developer team of a game is creative. They come up with ideas to make the game more enjoyable and attractive for the gamers. But what about you, the gamer? I, being an artist and crafter, enjoy being creative even while I’m playing a game. It’s nice […]

Anet Blog: Choosing and Transferring Worlds in GW2

ArenaNet has posted a blog detailing server selection, including a list of servers at launch: [anet]For our first Beta Weekend Event (April 27-29), home-world selection and world transfers will work just as they will when Guild Wars 2 launches. When you log in to the game for the first time, you will have the […]

Guild Wars 7th Anniversary

Time to party hardy?  Why, yes it is! The Guild Wars Live Team is taking out all the stops as this will be the last Guild Wars Anniversary before Guild Wars 2 releases.  The festivities have already started and will continue until May 8th. A lot of fun new stuff including new special drops and […]

Guild Wars 2 on the Social Media Front

Rubi Bayer has posted a blog showing how ANet is reaching out to the community on the social media front.  While the “like” Facebook challenge continues en route to unveiling more unseen concept art, and Twitter remains abuzz, fans can now share their Guild Wars inspired creations on Pinterest.  There is also the opportunity to […]

Guild Wars 2 Weekly

ArenaNet finally announced the date of the first Beta Test Weekend – April 27-29! It had been known for some time that it would be some time during “end of April”, but many had speculated this weekend since the next one is also Guild Wars 1’s 7th birthday celebrations. Looks like next weekend will be […]

Beta Forums Slowly Shaping

People already having registered their pre-purchase of Guild Wars 2, might have tried to access the official forums. Today, those look a little less “work in progress” than the last few days, although actual forum links are not working yet. You can access the “Account section” (although I did not dare to try to change […]

The MS Toga Party is Tomorrow, April 21st!

As most of our visitors have probably noticed, this last month or so there has been a banner promoting the MS Toga Party in our Friends widget. MS Toga Party is a charity fundraising event with the aim to raise support and awareness on Multiple Sclerosis. And tomorrow, April 21, the day has finally come! You can participate […]