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Blog your Hearts out

… and your Dynamic Events, and your World vs World stories, and your character creation experiences, and …. Whatever you’re doing this weekend, come share it on the GWOnline blogs! It’s the best way to immortalise your experiences and opinions of the weekend! Creating a blog is super easy, one of our wonderful admins, Lensor, […]

Alaris’s Beta Weekend Event Guide

This guide is meant to help people get the most out of their weekend event… because even if you forgo sleep, eating, and biobreaks, there is much more to be done than you can do in one weekend. Here I provide some ideas for your to-do list, and some advice to help you find what […]
GWOnline’s resident Guild Wars 1 alliance* has decided on making one huge alliance guild for the very first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event, and all of you are invited to join the fun! PvE, WvW or structured PvP, we will do it all! On the European servers you will find us in Vabbi, and on the […]