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In their latest blog post published earlier today, ArenaNet’s Regina Buenaobra shares the inspirational tale of long-time Guild Wars fan Kelly, who together with her dog Anna walked from Maine to California. Kelly goes online under the name Ameranth. Ameranth is now also a Sylvari Ranger NPC in Guild Wars 2 who goes on an […]

Guild Wars Dance Party

Now that Guild Wars 2 is drawing ever nearer, those of us who played the original Guild Wars might be getting a bit sentimental. An end of an era and all that. I know I am. This awesome fan made Guild Wars dance video by YouTuber eeglfethr therefore struck a cord with me. Here’s to […]

The item color coding of Guild Wars 2

Just a little news item for your information. Guild Wars 2 introduces a new color coding for its items that does not follow the footsteps of the original Guild Wars. It looks like this: Most of the PvE drops we have seen in the beta events so far have been basic whites and fine blues […]