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Exciting Changes to Next Week’s BWE

Just after midnight pacific time this morning, Chris Whiteside became a hero to Guild Wars 2 fans announcing on the ArenaNet blog that a new Beta Weekend Event (BWE) would begin at noon pacific on June 8th. The article has some exciting news about new content that will be available in this BWE: In addition, […]

A Scholar Eye on Minionmancy

If you like a small army of minions, look no further. This primer will give you all that you need to know to get started. I will focus on necromancer summoning skills as well as traits that directly modify minions.

Guild Wars 2 Is Appealing To Even Non-MMOers

Austin Regimbal from GAMEBREAKER TV is not really into MMOs.  Could Guild Wars 2 have persuaded a  turn around?  Check out the full article and read what aspects of Guild Wars 2 has Austin talking about possible MMO conversion.

ArenaNet Announces the Next Beta Weekend Event

[Source] The post continues with with a thank you to the community, and mentions that due to our feedback, work has been made on the issues of “party movement into overflow servers, chat functionality, key bindings, server stability, performance, and many more that we will detail in the near future.”