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Emotional Connections in Guild Wars 2

In a new blog post today, Ree Soesbee and Jeff Grubb talk about what it takes to make a game emotionally compelling. [anet]Jeff: The question of emotional connection in a game is a tough one to answer, I think. How do we keep people from saying, like in Alice in Wonderland, “You’re nothing but a […]

Guild Wars 2 Pre-orders at TESCO

UK gamers looking to pre-order Guild Wars 2 can do so from today through TESCO. TESCO Entertainament has the game on sale for £34.97 which I think is the cheapest I have come across yet in the UK.

What to expect in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 changes the MMORPG genre so much, a lot of people are just confused about it. It’s even a big change compared to Guild Wars 1. This guide is written to clarify what Guild Wars 2 is, what it isn’t, and what frame of mind to approach it to get maximum enjoyment. It’s […]

Dungeon Sets Video

I came across this video earlier today from Dontain showing all Dungeon armor sets for all races and genders. A very nice compilation this one.

The Pillars of Guild Wars 2 Gameplay

[ANET]Earlier in the development of Guild Wars 2 we released our MMO Manifesto video, a high-level look at the philosophy behind the design of the game. As we approach the launch date, now is the perfect time to talk about the outcome of that design philosophy with a look at the core ideas that the […]

More Guild Wars 2 Impressions

Seeing as we can’t play right now, the next best thing is to read about the game some more. There’s a few new preview articles you can check out today. TechExcitement preview BigShinyRobot gets a guided tour PCWorld preview Atomic Gamer preview It certainly feels like Guild Wars 2 fever is starting to hit.

Guide to the Hall of Monuments

The ArenaNet blogs are fairly flowing this week and today we have John Stumme’s Guide to the Hall of Monuments. In the update John explains exactly what the Hall of Monuments is for those not familiar with recording your achievements in Guild Wars. John also put together this nice video guide to show what the rewards look […]

Telling Stories in Guild Wars 2

The latest ArenaNet blog update comes from Jeff Grubb who discusses the different story types in the game that make up the whole Tyria experience. While many focus on the personal story, there are also the global stories and iconic stories to think about and without all these pieces Tyria would feel a  lot emptier.

Post BWE Impressions Around the Net

Well testing os over and excitement builds toward the launch at the end of August. With the beta weekend now in the can, a few articles have popped up with impressions. Shacknews preview Guild Wars 2: What the Fans Are Most Excited About  – Forbes Post BWE3 changes, improvements, and observations UniMaster in the forums […]

Reserve Your Guild Wars Name

This is an important notice for Guild Wars players wanting to reserve their name, ArenaNet will be building their reserved name list on 31 July so if you want to reserve your name from Guild Wars you will need to login to your account before that date to be considered. Also important top note is […]

Moment to Moment Screenshot Contest

All budding screenshot grabbers should make sure they check ArenaNet’s “Moment to Moment” screenshot contest where they are looking for Best Action Shot and Best Landscape with some Steel Series goodies up for grabs.

Watch the Sylvari Cinematic

OK, so you are all playing tright now, but just in case you are for some reason not playing, the Sylvari cinematic is below along with some commentary from Ree Soesbee. Now, back to the Beta!

FANtastic Friday – SageLikeOne Interview

For this weeks FANtastic Friday we have the very special guest SageLikeOne on for an interview about himself and his youtube channel. Without further ado, here it is: [GWOnline] Hi Sage, last time we had you on you were doing a guest blog about starting your own youtube channel. You said you started with the […]

Amazon Featuring Guild Wars 2 Pre-order With $5 Credit Bonus

Many pf you will have already pre-ordered but if you are still wanting to take the plunge, Amazon has a Guild Wars 2 special offer on right now where you not only get the head-start and beta access but you also get a $5 video games credit. Pre-order Guild Wars 2 for PC download and get a $5 […]