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ArenaNet Global Brand Manager Chris Lye talks Subscription Models

Many of you will have heard this week that EA and Bioware are to move Star Wars: The Old Republic over to a free to play model this autumn which was not exactly surprising news. In an inrerview  on the Verghe, ArenaNet global brand manager Chris Lye discusses how the world of MMOs and subscription […]

World vs World Explained in new Video

Most of you reading this site won’t need WvW explained but in case you are new to the game or did not have chance to try it out in the Beta, the ArenaNet team has whipped up this video to explain how it works.

The Countdown Has Begun!

In a banner that rotates with launch information the Headstart Countdown has begun. Rubi Bayer, a member of ArenaNet’s community team, tweeted the following: Those of you looking forward to headstart, it will begin on August 25 at 00:00 PACIFIC Time. ~RB2 #GW2 — Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2) August 1, 2012 I don’t know about […]

This Week on IncGamers

Time for another round up of what’s been going on around the IncGamers network over the past week. Some of the content to check out on the main IncGamers site  inlcudes: Orcs Must Die 2 [Review] – It ain’t easy being green Deadlight [Review] – The walking dead good Anna [Review] – House of horror […]