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Guild Wars 2 Gets Iran Ban

If you are in Iran and want to play Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, it looks like you are out of luck. The Iranian government has clamped down on numerous games blocking players from connecting to the services, including Guild Wars. In a brochure released by the Iranian government, games such as Assassin’s Creed, […]

Join GWOnline On Stormbluff Isle and Aurora Glade!

The GWOnline Alliance has decided to gather on two servers, one in each region: Stormbluff Isle (NA), which is our primary WvW server. Aurora Glade (EU), which primarily focuses on PvE. Of course, we won’t exclude any game mode from either server. Players on the NA server will also play PvE. And players on the […]

Awesome Guild Wars 2 Reviewers Press Kit Arrives

Nice surprise this morning when I found the official review press kit arrive. This is probably one of the nicest press kits I have seen for a long time and includes some nice info sheets for reviewers, the game, a USB stick thing and the making of Guild Wars 2 book. I snapped a shot […]

1 Day Left To Wait !!!

I am so looking forward to this. I finished the install, and then I downloaded the patches. Wait… done? So fast? Wow, I was expecting hours of downloading patches like its main competitor, but this game downloads only what it needs so you can get into the game faster. Sweet! Character editor… which profession to […]