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IncGamers on Guild Wars 2 – First Impressions

The main site is sporting two new articles which have been put together over the past 48 hours. First up is my article after playing during the first 24 hours of the headstart going live, and what a blast I had, just to experience the game in its final state was really enjoyable. The […]

Guild Wars 2 Online Manual and Video Tutorials Pushed Live

If you were weeping at amount of character customisation or simply have no idea where to start, ArenaNet is helping oyu out with their online manual and video tutorial covering key aspects of the game. Everything from getting started, to combat and your personal Story has been included so it’s great way to start. You can […]

Guild Wars 2 Reaches 400,000 Concurrent Users During Headstart

It’s only been live a matter of days and today is the first day when everyone can join in the fun. According to ArenaNet, during the headstart the game reached a whopping 400,000 concurrent users during the headstart. [ANET]“This is the culmination of a five-year journey and to be greeted by this level of enthusiasm […]

World’s First Level 80 Reached

Most of you will actually be enjoying the game, taking in the breathtaking scenery and enjoying the action but there are those who like to reach the level cap as fast as possible. A player named Surfeuze has taken the prize to reach level 80 first with help from  his guild called War Legend. According to […]