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Halloween Guide Phase 2 – Tips from ArenaNet

No doubt you’ve been soaking up all the new content in the Shadow of the Mad King update but it’s time for Phase 2 of the event to start on Sunday. ArenaNet has posted some hints to help you on your way, so if you need a rough guide to what’s going on, read on […]

Shadow of the Mad King Live Today

The time has come for the Halloween celebrations to begin as the Shadow of the Mad King goes live today. An All-New Story: A four-act arc running from October 22-31 based on the legend of the Mad King. It’s been 250 years since the last alleged sighting of Mad King Thorn’s spirit, but strange energies […]
ArenaNet expanded out their Shadow of the Mad King info page a little over night detailing hte dates of the four acts that will be opened up to players. Included was new teaser trailer to get the event primed.

ArenaNet Programming Team Reddit AMAA Now Live

Just got live not long ago is the AMAA with the Guild Wars 2 programming team on Reddit. The session lasts for a whopping two hours so if there’s anything you want to ask, then now is the time to do it. There’s lots of devs taking part so it’s a great opportunity.

Gem Cards Available at Retailers

Looking to snag some gems? You will be able to purchase from real retailer this week with the new Gem Cards. [ANET]You can purchase gems in-game from the Black Lion Trading Company, but starting this week you can also purchase Guild Wars 2 gems in real life at select retailers. These cards, which make a […]

Shadow of the Mad King Arrives for Halloween

No MMO would be complete without a Halloween event and Guild Wars 2’s event is the Shadow of the Mad King. The update goes live on 22 October and Tyria will become Halloween themes with new mini-games, new dynamic events, and more. ArenaNet tease the Halloween event with: “Be prepared for an epic adventure in […]

Some facts about GW2 skills you might have missed…

So you think you are a Guild Wars 2 pro by now, right? You have your favourite skill rotations programmed into muscle memory, efficiently dispatching foe after foe? But don’t be fooled. The true martial artist doesn’t stop at being an efficient killer… the true martial artist seeks true mastery of his weapons. Here’s a […]

2012 Wintersday Advent Calendar Being Planned

Back in 2007, the fan artists of GWOnline and GWGuru came together and created a Guild Wars Wintersday Advent Calendar. Perynne, the organizer of the last advent calendar, is again organizing an advent calendar for this year in Guild Wars 2 theme and is looking for artists of any skill levels and any specialty. The […]

Fan-Made Guild Wars 2 Music Videos

Today we are spotlighting two awesome fan made Guild Wars 2 music videos. First out are Taylor, Lara, and Malukah who made their own cover on the GW2 theme song “Fear Not This Night”, some say it is even better than the original. And then there are Verse Academy, with what can only be described as […]

Jonathan Sharp on the Future of Structured PvP

Time for another update from the development team and this time ArenaNet’s Jonathan Sharp put fingers to keyboard to discuss the future of structured PvP in Guild Wars 2. [ANET]Structured Player vs. Player (sPvP) is a core feature in Guild Wars 2, and it’s quite massive.  The features we want to add to sPvP, to use […]

Chronicals of the House of Azure: Lyssa

Dreams from Old Faren has been getting on my nerves again. A new woman nearly every day and he inevitably looses them to his own faults. He’s as blind as Kormir with none of the sight. I wasn’t going to go visit the statue today but Faren drove me out of Salma with his incessant […]

ArenaNet’s Cameron Dunn Talks Guild Wars 2 Tech at GDC Online

ArenaNet’s technical director Cameron Dunn will be taking part in GDC Online to discuss the technology that drives the game’s many features such as PvP, graphics, the servers, the combat system and how they manage to roll out patches so quickly among other topics. The event takes place between 9-11 October and Cameron’s session takes […]

Guild Wars 2 Halloween Diorama Contest Coming Up

It’s October, and it’s that time of year: candy corns, Mad King, and last but not least, Halloween Contest! With Guild Wars 2 up and running, however, things are a bit different this year: they are asking crafters for a Guild Wars 2 diorama. A diorama is a 3-D model of a scenery depicted using […]

Patch Update – 1 October

[ANET] General Fixed bugs for various stuck events and skill challenges. Fixed bugs for various map areas that allowed players to get outside of the playable space. Fixed a bug in dungeon speed-clearing code. Players should no longer experience reward reductions without triggering the speed-clearing debuff. Fixed a bug that was automatically killing players as […]

Chronicals of the House of Azure: Unsympathic Asurans

Compensation Lacking I know the Asura are not famed for their compensation when one of their inventions starts malfunctioning but this is beyond a joke, almost two weeks unconscious, years of my life erased and all I get is a Larynx to Data Modulator, or for those of us without the arrogance and overly complicated […]