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Welcome back for December’s update on our now monthly round of contests and competitions, or as we like to call them; events. Firstly lets check over Novembers happenings: Unfortunately we again had technical difficulties on our part involving the Hide and Seek event, we have therefore decided to postpone the event until server guesting is […]

Make Yourself Over

There are a couple of new items in the BLTC today, which allow you to change your facial features or your body features. They are purely cosmetic: Neither will allow a name change. Are you planning to change any of your character’s appearances? If so, why not swing by our forums and show off the […]

Get Ready for Wintersday 2012!

As is tradition in Tyria, Wintersday will be celebrated in GW 2, making it the third update and event in as many months. The event will run from December 14 to January 3. Details are scarce at the moment (included below), but it sounds interesting. I can’t wait to see how Wintersday has evolved over […]

Guild Wars 2 WvW Rankings 23 November

It’s that time again! New rankings were released today. Charts are featured below for North America and Europe, respectively. Source. (Thanks, Raye!)

13 skills unlocked, so many to go!

After a few months of beta testing and three months after the release in August, the GWO Elementalist forum has “unlocked” thirteen skills of Guild Wars 2’s attunement swapping profession. What are those “Skills of Interest”, you might ask? On a regular basis, Gorani – the forum’s moderator – takes an in-depth look at a […]

Guild Wars 2 Reddit AMA with Chris Whiteside on Monday

Following the update from Chris Whitside yesterday on the Lost Shores and future plans, Chris has decided to hold an AMA on Reddit this Monday to answer queries on the game moving forward. [ANET]Thanks for your feedback we really appreciate it. I would like to take the opportunity to answer your questions in an AMA […]

Black Lion Trading Does Black Friday

Exciting times for shoppers as Black Friday looms in the US following Thanksgiving. Black Friday is also coming to Tyria so snap up those bargains! [ANET]The Black Lion Trading Company is celebrating the biggest shopping day of the year with a Black Friday sale of their own. This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, be sure to […]

Lost Shores and Beyond

Yesterday ArenaNet fired up their survey form and today ArenaNet’s Chris Whiteside takes a look back at the Lost Shores update and al the new features it brought to the game and also a look ahead to what’s in the pipeline. [ANET] Revamping all of our existing dungeons (Story and Explorable versions) through rebalance and […]

ArenaNet wants your Lost Shores Feedback

As we all know, the Lost Shores event had a few hiccups but ArenaNet are stepping up to get your feedback on the weekend. A survey is now available and it doesn’t take too long to complete, so if you want to be heard then there is no excuse for not filling it in. This […]

Get Your In-Game Guild Wars 2 T-Shirts

Back in August at Gamescom, ArenaNet mentioned that there would be special in-game Guild Wars 2 T-shirts up for grabs and it kind of fell by the wayside. The good news today is that ArenaNet here in the EU has come through and EU Guild Wars 2 fans can get their hands on this great […]

Guild Wars 2 WvW Rankings 16 November

Time to take a  look at the movers and shalers in the WvW rankings for week ending 16 November in Europe and North America.

Important Notice on Guild Wars 2 Event Disconnects

Most major events have a few snags and if you had disconnect problems stopping you get your hands on rewards then read this importance notice from Anet. [ANET]We have a team looking into disconnection problems that prevented some people from receiving their event rewards. We will implement a solution so that people who participated will […]

Dungeons: don’t just zerg, think!

I’ve done a few dungeons now, mostly in pick-up-groups, mostly with people who don’t know the dungeon well. And while we almost always complete the dungeon, here’s a common scenario… we get stuck, we die and wipe a few times, we struggle, we find it’s dumb and frustrating, and we finally succeed. But there’s a […]

Official: Lost Shores is Now Live!

The Lost Shores weekend event is now live! Head to the Wiki for more info or into the game to start enjoying it. Or if you are stuck at work like me, join the discussion in our thread. [ANET] A brief list of the game features announced: A one-time weekend-long event that permanently changes the world in […]

Guild Wars 2 Nominated for VGAs 2012

The annual Spike videogame awards take place next month and Guild Wars 2 is up for a couple awards. ArenaNet could scoop a gong for GW2 in the following categories. Best Multiplayer game Borderlands 2 Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Halo 4 Guild Wars 2 Best PC Game Diablo 3 Torhclight 2 XCOM: Enemy […]