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Dungeons: don’t just zerg, think!

I’ve done a few dungeons now, mostly in pick-up-groups, mostly with people who don’t know the dungeon well. And while we almost always complete the dungeon, here’s a common scenario… we get stuck, we die and wipe a few times, we struggle, we find it’s dumb and frustrating, and we finally succeed. But there’s a […]

Official: Lost Shores is Now Live!

The Lost Shores weekend event is now live! Head to the Wiki for more info or into the game to start enjoying it. Or if you are stuck at work like me, join the discussion in our thread. [ANET] A brief list of the game features announced: A one-time weekend-long event that permanently changes the world in […]

Guild Wars 2 Nominated for VGAs 2012

The annual Spike videogame awards take place next month and Guild Wars 2 is up for a couple awards. ArenaNet could scoop a gong for GW2 in the following categories. Best Multiplayer game Borderlands 2 Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Halo 4 Guild Wars 2 Best PC Game Diablo 3 Torhclight 2 XCOM: Enemy […]

Official: November 15, 2012 Patch Notes

A pretty big patch went live this afternoon, fixing a ton of bugs and getting the game ready for this weekend’s event! New items, new rewards, bug fixes, PvP changes, adjustments to Legendary acquisition, profession tweaks, and more are included in this massive build. An excerpt is included below, but visit the thread in the […]