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Super Adventure Box is back and it's now live.
More content coming including the LFG tool.

The first year of Guild Wars 2 – 3.5m players and a nice Infographic

It's been a great first year and Mike O'Brien gives his thoughts. There's also a great infographic to enjoy.

Super Adventure Box: Back to School next month

Continue your education with an updated Super Adventure Box

ArenaNet’s Mike Z talks first anniversary and the future of Guild Wars 2

Mike Z is enthusiastic about the future of Guild Wars 2 in this interview.

Guild Wars 2 player base continues to increase

New players joining at a steady pace according to Isaiah Cartwright

Register now for the free Guild Wars 2 weekend – Starts Friday

Play for free this weekend. Tyria is looking for new adventurers for Guild Wars 2

Queen’s Speech update arrives 20 August

Queen Jennah set to reveal a "major surprise" in the next content update.
Time to get stuck into the new content. Full patch notes included for the Queen's Speech.

Guild Wars 2 Anniversary plans – Get ready to celebrate from 20 August

New content that will answer "open questions". A story that "affects the entire world" in the next Guild Wars 2 update.

Daniel Dociu interview in video

ArenaNet's art master Daniel Dociu talks about this work with Into the Pixel.
New rewards, the account wallet, the Crown Pavilion and even balloons. The Queen's Jubilee begins.
The votes have been counted and the winner of the election has been announced.

Queen’s Jubilee tips from ArenaNet

Need some pointers with the Queen's Jubilee content update? ArenaNet obliges.

Touring Queen’s Jubilee Guild Wars 2 Preview

New challenges await in the the Guild Wars 2 Queen's Jubilee update.