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Temple of the Silent Storm Week

It’s been a busy week already in Tyria! Another blog just went up on the official site with information on some new PvP features. As always, a snippet is below, click through for more, and drop by the forums for discussion! [ANET] We’ve been working on PvP features consistently since our last update, and as […]

Upcoming Changes to Dungeon Mechanics

Check out the latest blog update from ArenaNet with changes coming to dungeons. The big change for Phase 1 will be that defeated players cannot use Waypoints while their party is in combat. Definitely going to require changing up playstyle for some people. See a snapshot below or click through for details on Phase 2. […]

WvW Rating Reset Coming Soon

A quick update on WvW. Looks like all pairings are going to be reset now that free transfers are done. Little surprising, but makes sense. Full post is below. [ANET] In the run up to the end of free world transfers we saw large population changes as people settled in to their home servers. This […]

Game Update Notes – January 28, 2013

Beware: Wall O Text! A huuuggee update went out today. A snippet of the notes are below. Click through to see the full thing and don’t forget to swing by our thread to discuss! [ANET]LIVING STORY Flame and Frost: Prelude A mystery presents itself in this first entry in a multipart Living Story series. What […]

Flame & Frost Beginning in January

Just out this morning, some details on the next big event to hit Guild Wars 2! A snapshot is below, but click through to check out the full details. What are your thoughts on all the upcoming changes? Could this be building up to a new dragon encounter? Let us know in our thread. [ANET] […]

Forum Achievements Now Live!

After a somewhat grueling week, we now have working achievements in the forums! Have fun playing around with them and showing off

An Explanation on Cross-Region Guesting

There’s been some backlash since the guesting announcement earlier today: A lot of people are disappointed that US & EU guesting is impossible. ANet has posted an official response on the official forums. Check it out below:  [ANET]Let me explain to you why you cannot guest on worlds in another region. There are two databases: […]

Guesting Coming January 28th!

Fresh news for you: Guesting will be a part of the January 28th GW 2 update! Official post is below, but check out the blog for instructions on how it will work. [ANET] CITIZENS, I have an important announcement to make. Previously, we’ve talked about a feature called guesting, which allows you to play with […]

What’s In Store for GW 2 in 2013?

A nice, lengthy blog post went up a short time ago on the official site. Check out a snapshot below or click through for the full read! Plus, join our discussion in the forums and let us know what you think! [ANET] Happy 2013 everyone! I wanted to take the time to provide insight on […]

WvWvW Rankings – January 11, 2013

Latest WvWvW rankings have been released. You can check them out below. Thanks, Fae and LostSpoon

Game Update Notes – January 10, 2013

Small patch just went up to fix some bugs. [ANET] Fixed a bug when previewing racial armors from other races. Fixed a bug that allowed players to acquire multiple pets summoned by the Ogre Pet Whistle. Fixed a bug that allowed tonics to be used repeatedly in quick succession. [SOURCE][/SOURCE][/ANET]

Looking for People to Interview!

Hey guys, I am looking for some of you cool Guild Wars 2 players to interview for my next article. The questions will revolve around the state of the game and the future of the game. If you are interested in being interviewed, please head over to the following link: Interview Application Instructions Following the […]

Colin Johanson Talks 2013 Content Updates & Snowflake Bannings

In a forum post from game director Colin Johanson he outlines ArenaNet’s goals for the coming months ahead with more details to follow soon. [ANET]Just to help provide some clarity on this, we’ll be releasing within the next couple of weeks a high level summary of our big plans for the first half of 2013 […]

3 Day New Years Sale in the Gem Store

Get your wallets ready for some new gem sales! [ANET]The New Year is here, which means big savings at the Black Lion Trading Company from January 4-6! To celebrate the dawn of a new year in Tyria, we’re chopping prices in the Gem Store for three days from January 4-6! During each day of the […]