3 Stories of Guild Wars 2

You can wear a skirt, even as a guy.

You can wear a skirt, even as a guy.

Guild Wars 2 put a lot of effort into their personal stories. And much of that effort when into giving you choices. Even during character creation, you get to pick a story that you will experience in the early game. What I find interesting in this branching is that they tend to branch by three’s.

For example, as a human, you choose which one of three classes you were raised in, one of three biggest regrets, and later, one of three orders you can later join. This means you could play a given race three times, and have much of the personal story not being repeated. I took advantage of this during the betas by playing storylines I would not later play at release.

There are lots of examples of this branching, I will give a few examples here…

Humans choose which social class they were raised in

As a human, I picked that I was raised as a street rat. This led to a personal storyline where I was helping a friend who was involved with a gang, and I was trying to help him out of it. This was a series of quests involving Logan as well, and had me run around and deal with shady people.

The human character I will play at release will be born of nobility because I look forward to seeing the conflict in higher circles.

Charr pick a sparring partner

I admit, I don’t know exactly to what extent that changes the storyline. However, one thing I did notice is that loyal sparring partner becomes a loyal partner during storyline missions. So you in effect pick a henchmen that will accompany you during a number of quests. Pick well.

This is not the only time though, I also did pick a henchmen for two quests during the norn storyline, and the interesting thing is that there, I made my choice during gameplay rather than during character creation. This means that the mechanisms are in place to have us keep making choices as the story progresses.

Rangers pick a starting pet

The starting pet is based on race as well, but any race has a pick of three pets. My charr ranger picked the devourer, which is interestingly a ranged pet… interesting to start with something other than a melee pet. I am still undecided about my asura’s pet, but I noticed while writing this article that the moa has Harmonic Cry as a skill, which provides healing to itself and nearby allies.

You pick a piece of equipment

Every profession gets an extra piece of equipment to start with, usually a pick of 3. There are exceptions, e.g. rangers get a pet, elementalists get a pick of 4. I just wish they also gave us a choice of starting weapon! The equipment you get is usually an item type that you won’t be finding for a while, such as stuff you wear on your head or shoulders.

You later pick an order

Later on, you get to join one of three orders. The Durmand Priory seek ancient knowledge to beat the dragons. The Order of Whispers seek to return the dragons to sleep. The Vigil seek to create a united army of all races to defeat the dragons.

It’ll be fun to explore these three ways to approach Tyria’s infestation problem with dragons.

I do look forward to playing through the game, and finding even more of those branching storylines.

For people who don’t plan on multiple play-throughs, no worry… you can join others and help them with their own storylines, and thus get to experience storylines you missed out on. With scaling, you don’t even have to be their level.

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