30 days of Fire

30 Days of Fire

I have decided that we have to start more things here on the site for players to keep themselves happy in Guild Wars. So I thought I could initiate another topic based thread about screen shots and pictures. That’s why I created a new thread in the Profession forum and proclaimed “30 days of Fire”, the start of a gallery based on that element.


Please contribute and add pictures to the thread. Those can be spell effects, map environments, creatures living in Tyria or armor and equipment with a fiery theme. Search your hard discs for hidden scorching treasures or take new screen shots of blistering awesomeness.

I hope we can get a lot of nice pictures there within the next 30 days (when the next featured element will rise from the ashes) and perhaps, if the Elementalist isn’t your favorite, you will start something similar four your profession of choice. 30 Hammers to fall?

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