4 Ways to Play Guild Wars 2

Castle siege... one of many activities you can do in Guild Wars 2

Castle siege... one of many activities you can do in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 isn’t just one game, rather, it has different content types that are built with different types of players in mind. They all sound great to me, but for quite different reasons.

The 4 main content types reviewed below are, in order of personal preference (i.e. subjective): (4) World vs World, (3) structured PvP, (2) instanced PvE areas, and (1) persistent PvE areas.

4: World vs World

Large-scale battlegrounds, here I come. This is where I will be doing my casual PvP-ing. It certainly offers competitive PvP for organized guilds, but for me, I really loved it for joining zergs and having large-scale battles. Memorable times include castle sieges both on the defending and attacking side, battles in the prairies, battles to control chokepoints, etc. The only real downside is that you can waste some time running around trying to find the big groups, as waypoints were not as common as they were in PvE persistent areas. Still, it’s a lot of fun to be had.

Newbies I recommend strongly to stay away from melee, until you get a sense of when it’s safe to go with melee. Melee combat is more dangerous, but also higher reward. I would also recommend practicing your PvPing in…

3: Structured PvP

This is in my opinion the best place to fine-tune your playing, especially combat. All skills are unlocked, you can try new builds at will, tweak equipment for free. And moreover, the combat is fast-paced and unending. I plan on training here often.

Having to control strategic points makes the game more interesting than just having to kill all opponents. The points mean that people will flock to those areas, so more defensive builds can actually be viable for defending the points. Likewise, builds based on movement are also viable if they can take undefended points fast. This gives more variety to gameplay than just your ability to kill foes.

2: Instanced PvE areas

Instances usually refer to dungeons, which are quite fun and challenging. However, instances also refer to storyline content (more on that tomorrow). Either way, if you want a coherent and focused storyline as well as challenging PvE content, this is where it is to be found. Because the experience in those is more controlled, this means that the developers can provide more unique experiences. Dungeons include traps and lots of bosses. Story areas include personal choices as well as specific objectives.

1: Persistent PvE areas

Persistent PvE areas is where most of the content is to be had, in my opinion (mileage may differ). It’s casual because people can join and leave as they wish, which also means that your personal contribution can get lots in large groups. But that’s fine, because I would rather play with other people than play alone.

Also, these areas include many fun things to do, like diving off boards, jumping puzzles, bar fights, or finding truffles as a pig. I’ll be spending most of my time there… mostly in dynamic events.

See you soon in Guild Wars 2 !!

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