5 Races I Will Play in Guild Wars 2

Gotta try them all...

Gotta try them all...

A cookie for you if you figured out from the title that I’ll be playing all races.

Every race has its own storylines, and while I don’t plan on playing multiple times through, I just have to at least play once per race. And my favorite race gets two playthroughs. Well, at least until they release new professions…

From least favorite to most favorite race:

5. Humans, oh boring simple humans…

By far the most popular race, I can’t really understand why. I mean, you can play a giant cat or a plant, and you pick human? Bah! But I played the human street rat story for a bit, and I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to find out about the aristocracy story line.

Seems that most of the story lines have to do with human infighting, how typical. But in our political climate, how delightfully appropriate.

4. Norn, a.k.a. tall humans

Jokes aside, the norn are all about hunting and nature, so expect a very different experience from humans. In particular, I like the idea of walking in the spirit world, or interacting with animals.

Being able to shapeshift into animals is just a bonus.

3. Asura, too smart but too cute

For me, this will be a character of contrast. Asura ranger. Small asura with big pet. Tech armor with wooden bow, or vice-versa. Animal companion and golem. Small asura with his massive greatsword or longbow.

I also enjoyed the special type of tech the asuras work with. The scenery is also pretty unusual, with giant cubic buildings that are at an angle with groundlevel.

2. Sylvari, a fresh perspective

Sylvari are plants. That in itself is pretty interesting. However, what makes them even more unique is that they are fresh and new to the world, everything is to be learned about. They are born fully formed, with basic knowledge of the world glimpsed from a shared dream.

They are the very definition of curiosity, tapping into the heart of explorers.

1. Charr, from Gods to Science

I admit, I really like the history of the charr. By that I mean that we saw them worship Gods in Prophecies and Eye of the North, and since then they have abandoned their worship in favor of science. They have since become experts in the mechanical. They have invented engineering.

While my two charrs will be guardian and necromancer, I will delight in exploring this race who is, like me, fascinated by science. That they are big kitties is just bonus.

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