Alaris’s Beta Weekend Event Guide

New in beta: Lion's Arch

New in beta: Lion's Arch

This guide is meant to help people get the most out of their weekend event… because even if you forgo sleep, eating, and biobreaks, there is much more to be done than you can do in one weekend.
Here I provide some ideas for your to-do list, and some advice to help you find what you are looking for.

Finding your way around:

I wish I had made notes about this, sorry about the confusion, this part is from memory. See also Fae’s post below.

  • Access to PvP content was via the menus. I forget which menu exactly, maybe the hero menu. Don’t waste time looking for an Asura gate though. In the menu, you get two options for structured PvP, either join a game in progress, or go to the PvP outpost:
    • Going to the outpost is a great way to let you pick your skills and traits, and experiment with skills without danger.
    • Going straight in the game hotjoins a game in progress, and then when you are done you will be thrown in another game without stopping. You will need to exit the game via menu options.
    • There was an NPC in the outpost that in theory lets you make new games, but that NPC was not yet fully operational in the last beta. He only let you hotjoin games… but maybe he’s been updated since.
    • I have not really tried WvW yet, but I assume that access is also via menus. The PvP outpost also has Asura gates that might be useful.
  • The storyline works using more traditional quests and instances. The main difference is that many of those quest instances start when you find a trigger object and click on it. Those will be displayed on your radar.
  • Dynamic events are shown on your map, and so are trait points and other activities. Looking at your map is the best way to find the next fun thing to do in PvE.

To-do list

Remember that all progress will be lost. I personally think my time will be best spent learning about the game, rather than building something. For example, there is not much point making the perfect face for your avatar, it is sufficient to find out if you can make an avatar face you like. Likewise, if you want to try skills out, a better way is to join structured PvP than to try to grind PvE for XP. PvP is also a better place to learn to play well than PvE.


  • Don’t stand still! Learn to strafe attacks and use Dodge! (thanks Tru Reptile)
  • Try high-level skills, elites, and traits. You can try them right away in structured PvP.
  • Try the mesmer, it’s a unique experience.
  • Learn to swap weapons (or kits or attunements).
  • Play stuff you wouldn’t necessarily play at release, leaving you more to discover when you play the release. For example, consider picking a storyline you wouldn’t have picked, or a race you wouldn’t care for, or even a profession that is not in your must-play list.
  • Pay attention to skills your enemies use. Many of them are immune at times, and it pays to not waste your strong skills during those times. Many telegraph strong attacks, and it pays to learn to avoid them.


  • Dynamic events are great fun, you need to try them. Try a support role there if you like to play support.
  • Try underwater combat.
  • Try to get skill points. Skill points offer some of the more challenging content outside of dungeons that PvE has to offer.
  • Check out Lion’s Arch.

Structured PvP:

  • Try it. It’s fun.
  • Check if you can make a password-protected game. There’s an NPC in the outpost that in theory lets you do that, but he was not completed last beta. If you can make a password-protected game, get someone to duel 1vs1 with you on top of some rooftop or such weird location, and post the movie on youtube for all of us to see.


  • Don’t waste time banging on doors, figure out how to make artillery weapons instead to take down those doors faster.
  • Find stuff you can do solo, and do it. Likely tasks you can do on your own is escort a supply route, take out a supply route, or kill a random player of the other team.
  • Join a mob. Enjoy the chaos.
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