All Brace for the Rise of the Quaggan!

Enraged Quaggan

One of the twisted Quaggans the protagonists in “Heart of the Quaggan” will encounter – the wretched creature “Quaggom”

In honor of the recently announced Guild Wars 2 “Heart of the Quaggan” ¬†expansion, GWOnline have decided we are going to change our Charr head logo to one of a mighty Quaggan! Not much is known about this new expansion yet, save the name, and that the story line will revolve around a young Quaggan and his three friends on a quest through vales, mountains and caves to vanquish an ancient enemy. During their travels they will join up with five others, one of each of the already playable races of Guild Wars 2, plus one mysterious character in a pointy hat who likes his pipe. Also, the Quaggans will become a playable race! Their race-specific elite skill? “Quaggan, Smash!”¬†Our new logo will go well with the new direction ArenaNet is taking, making Quaggans the chief protagonists of their next expansion, and we could not be happier.


The soon-to be new GWOnline logo head – the fearsome Quaggan!



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