An Explanation on Cross-Region Guesting

There’s been some backlash since the guesting announcement earlier today: A lot of people are disappointed that US & EU guesting is impossible. ANet has posted an official response on the official forums. Check it out below:

 [ANET]Let me explain to you why you cannot guest on worlds in another region.

There are two databases: European player data is stored in our European datacenter, American player data is stored in our American datacenter. This is to ensure that people in these regions can still properly play in case there is an issue with the connection between the datacenters.

When you do a world transfer from the US to the EU (and vice versa) your player data is transferred from one datacenter to the other. This is not the case with guesting, as you are still “registered” on your home world.

I understand that some of you are disappointed that you cannot guest on worlds in another region, but considering the complexity of internet routing, our main priority is to ensure that players have as much of an uninterrupted game experience as possible, which is the reason why we have two datacenters.
On another note: I will try to get an answer to the guild influence question that has been posted a couple of times.[SOURCE][/SOURCE][/ANET]

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