An Inspirational Story of Guild Wars and Life

In their latest blog post published earlier today, ArenaNet’s Regina Buenaobra shares the inspirational tale of long-time Guild Wars fan Kelly, who together with her dog Anna walked from Maine to California. Kelly goes online under the name Ameranth. Ameranth is now also a Sylvari Ranger NPC in Guild Wars 2 who goes on an epic walkabout of Tyria, experiencing the landscape first hand from end to end. Oh, and her dog is called Anna.

[anet]I found Kelly to be an incredibly down-to-earth, thoughtful young lady who has lived more in her life than many people twice her age. I’ve always wanted to drive across the country in an RV, but she made me realize it’d be far more profound—albeit a lot more time consuming—to walk it.
Colin Johanson[/anet]

Ameranth and Anna

Ameranth and her dog Anna ready for adventure!


I want an adventure, and I want others to realize that they can have an adventure—that all you have to do is go out there and try

Kelly Wells

Read the full blog post over at the ArenaNet Blog.

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