ArenaNet Brings Down the Ban Hammer – 72 Hour Suspensions

Interesting note from ArenaNet tonight regarding bannings for players exploiting the game’s Karma Weapons Exploit bug. However, there is a twist, player who have been caught are being given another chance with 72 hour ban being placed on their accounts instead of a perm ban. If anyone has been naughty and got caught exploiting this bug, read on because you need to send in appeal support ticket.

Today we banned a number of players for exploiting Guild Wars 2. We take our community and the integrity of the game very seriously, and want to be clear that intentionally exploiting the game is unacceptable. The players we banned were certainly intentionally and repeatedly exploiting a bug in the game. We intended to send a very clear message that exploiting the game in this way will not be tolerated, and we believe this message now has been well understood.

We also believe and respect that people make mistakes. This is in fact the first example of a widespread exploit in the game. With this in mind, we are offering the members of our community who exploited the game a second chance to repair the damage that has been done.

Thus, just this once, we will offer to convert permanent bans to 72-hour suspensions. Should those involved want to accept this offer of reinstatement, contact us on our support website–—and submit a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab. Please use the subject heading of “Karma Weapons Exploit Appeal”, then confirm in the body of your ticket that you will delete any items/currency that you gained from the exploit. You should submit only one ticket. Once you have done so, we will lower your ban to 72 hours, and following your re-activation we will check your account to make sure that you have honored your commitment. If that commitment is not honored, we will re-terminate the account.

This is a first and final warning. Moving forward, please make sure you that when you see an exploitable part of the game, you report it and do not attempt to benefit from it.

We look forward to seeing you in game,

Yours Sincerely,

Chris Whiteside- Lead Producer ArenaNet

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  • sebastiaan van vliet

    can’t they delete the items from the office, it seems a whole lot saver and they can close the exploit part until it’s fixed.
    all is happy that way, no need to get angry about it.

  • Sebastiaan… may have entirely missed the point. They do not want to hold your hand, and once you leave the teet you may not have yours held anymore either. The point here is an honest community, this is a way to earn trust….and you say angry? No need to be angry, sorry but please do not wait for Mists of Pandaria you douchebags, leave Guild Wars 2 now!! The warcraft crowd….the ones who believe that a forum is their workplace and that their “ideas” are good, if you are better than me you must need to be nerfed.

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