ArenaNet Confirms: NO BWE This Coming Weekend

Feel free to make plans this weekend; ArenaNet confirmed today there will be no Beta Weekend Event (BWE) this coming weekend.

After yesterday’s update from Rubi Bayer, neither confirming nor denying that there would be no BWE May 25-28, most assumed there would be no BWE this coming weekend, but some confusion still remained within the community.  Today, Martin Kerstein, German Community Manager for ArenaNet, took to Facebook to erase all doubt.

[anet]Many of you have been asking about when we will have our second Beta Weekend Event. As we are approaching a long weekend in many parts of the world, we understand that some of you want to make plans for that. To help you with that we can confirm that we will NOT be running BWE2 this coming weekend.

Our BWE1 was super successful, we exceeded our expectations. As some of you might have experienced first hand, this lead to some technical issues. To make sure we are not running into the same situation for BWE2, we recently had a stress test, and we are currently deploying a lot of additional hardware in our datacenters.

We will be able to tell you exactly when BWE2 will take place as soon as all the hardware has been deployed. We are not withholding a date intentionally, we want to make sure that BWE2 will be a really great experience for all of you.

I hope this helps a bit in understanding where we are standing – you all have a really relaxing long weekend!

– Martin Kerstein[/anet]

This announcement does not give any hint as to when the next BWE will be, nor does it say exactly which technical issues ArenaNet is working hard to fix; but what seems apparent that when next we step into Tyria, it will be well worth the wait.

*by AJ Wolf*

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