ArenaNet Developer Spills (some) Beans on GW2 Closed Beta

Since the start of the Guild Wars 2 closed beta almost a month ago, the community has been craving every snipped about how that beta is coming along.  Therefore, it was a real treat when one of the ArenaNet web developers, Tivac, recently were able to share a few snippets over at the Something Awful forums. User christmastere over at Reddit made a comprehensive summary, but here is the cliff notes version:

  • The first closed beta test ran between December 16 and December 30 2011.
  • Guild Wars 2 is effectively feature complete but still needs polish and user feedback. This does not mean the game is “done” though, especially when talking about content. It just means that as far as he is aware every feature ArenaNet wants to ship is in the game even if it is still rudimentary.
  • Open betas will be few and short.
  • For all the GW1 interrupt wizards it will be a relief to know that interrupting is still a mechanic in Guild Wars 2. There is a priority system in place for skills and actions that determines what queues and what interrupts. Apparently this system is very actiony and fun to play around with.
  • There is a reason for mobs not having a proper turning animation. He cant say for sure what that reason is though.
  • Achievement awards are currently in the form of gold and experience that materialize in a chest next to you, and you have to loot that chest to get the award.
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