ArenaNet Launches Official German and French Wikis

ArenaNet Concept Art

This morning, Stéphane Lo Presti, a Community Manager for ArenaNet, took to the official ArenaNet blog to launch the official German and French wiki pages for Guild Wars 2. You can check out the full article here.

While these new wikis are primed and ready for everyone to read, they’re not as complete and up-to-date as the English Guild Wars 2 wiki, which has already enjoyed years of content development. These wikis need community support, so we encourage players to register on the wiki of their preferred language, and to contribute by adding or editing content.
-Stéphane Lo Presti

Both of these new wikis are unique and separate from the English version of the Official Guild Wars 2 Wiki; so if you’re a member of the French or German Guild Wars 2 communities and interested in contributing to these individual wikis, be sure to sign up.

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  • I will certainly stay focused on the “international”, English wiki, but I think it is a good move to have a German and French “official” wiki.
    What I don’t get is the different data they draw their files from (e.g. skill icons for the Elementalist I’ve checked). This requires updates on all three wikis, if something is changed.
    PS: skill info boxes on the German wiki look sweet.