ArenaNet on the State of the Guild Wars 2 Economy

John Smith just released an article about the current state of the Guild Wars 2 economy over at the official ArenaNet site. In the article he explains how ArenaNet is using the supply and demand figures gleaned from the Trading Post to adjust in-game availability of different items. Also, to remove some of the surplus they have instituted some temporary Mystic Forge recipes using those same items.

[anet]We’ve noticed several markets that are clearly out of sync in terms of supply and demand. It isn’t interesting or fun to have a market flooded with items that contain very little value, so we’re making adjustments to the game every day. Players can expect to see these markets even out over time.

While adjusting the supply and demand will bring markets closer to non-vendor based equilibrium, there is still the matter of massive surplus of some items. To address the surplus, we’ve created some new, limited-time Mystic Forge recipes that use these items. These recipes create boxes that give chances for gold and some cool items.[/anet]
John also explains some of the actions against exploiters taken, backing up the argument with some figures of the extent of the exploit. For example, almost 1.5 million weapons were bought for practically nothing at a bugged karma vendor, averaging out at 300 weapons bought per player taking advantage of this bug.

Finally, he shares with us a breakdown on the current in-game distribution of gender, professions, race and crafting discipline. Because, as he says, everyone needs data.

Gender, profession, race and crafting graph

The current Guild Wars 2 in-game demographic distribution.

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