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GW2 Ship Concept Art

GW2 Ship Concept Art

I can’t believe that it took this long for the official announcement to make it to the front page. (Pardon my slowness.) Anyway, although there was mention of this before, ripe for the Memorial Day weekend (the inofficial start of summer), Martin Kerstein made an official announcement regarding their summer trades show plan. Like last year, Anet will skip E3 in favor of more fan-oriented events. This year’s plan consists of the following pit-stops:

1.) San Diego Comic- Con (July 21-24)
2.) Gamescom (August 17-21)
3.) PAX Prime (August 26-28)
4.) Paris Games Week (October 21-25)

This summer is promising to be one full of events and anticipation as Anet has promised lots of new information, a demo and some surprises.  Head on over to the original blog post to fetch all the details.

To the community, is any one planning on attending any of the events above?

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