ArenaNet’s Mike Z talks first anniversary and the future of Guild Wars 2

With the first Guild Wars 2 anniversary having just passed, ArenaNet’s Mike Z joined IGN’s Up at Noon show to discuss what that means to the team, the future of the game, and how they are handling the development of all the new content.

Jump to about eight minutes in to start the Guild Wars 2 segment.

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  • Right now ANet’s “community based” game is about getting people together in huge farming blobs (Clockwork Chaos, Server blobs in WvW), which caters the loots driven people.
    I don’t see them listening to the more critical players, that see signs of burn out due to the very fast pace & chores of the living story, the large dependence on RNG content (Legendary items, BL chests etc.) or the WvW players that want to see defensive tactics & logistics rewarded and not just offensive siege and zerging. And I did not even start to remind the dev team about the home instance or the complete lack of GvG features or guild halls + the veteran community break up due to the server concept.

    Yes, another “not everything is fluffy clouds and butterflies” post, but I has to be said too.

  • like someone said, a sequel isn’t always the better one, GW2 is definitely not the better one regardless of it’s sell numbers.