Asura Week Day 5

On the final day of Asura Week, Ree Soesbee shares a piece of Asura lore. In a short story Ree paints another vivid picture of life in Tyria, this time about an asuran Krewe on a mission going pearshaped.

By the time they burst out into the main skritt cavern, it was already a free-for-all. The wargolem’s crystals flashed and shimmered, bolts flying in every direction. It was a rabid explosion of destruction, uncontrolled and completely unhampered by any attempt at silly things like aiming or conservation of energy.

The blog post also goes into more depth about the Asuran society; the Arcane Council, the Krews, the Colleges – Statics, Dynamics and Synergestics – as well as the organization called the Inquest. While the colleges want power to come closer to the truth of the Great Alchemy, the Inquest want power for its own sake, believing that if they can reach ultimate power, they can gain control of all of Tyria.

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