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3 Stories of Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 put a lot of effort into their personal stories. And much of that effort when into giving you choices. Even during character creation, you get to pick a story that you will experience in the early game. What I find interesting in this branching is that they tend to branch by three’s. […]

4 Ways to Play Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 isn’t just one game, rather, it has different content types that are built with different types of players in mind. They all sound great to me, but for quite different reasons. The 4 main content types reviewed below are, in order of personal preference (i.e. subjective): (4) World vs World, (3) structured […]

5 Races I Will Play in Guild Wars 2

A cookie for you if you figured out from the title that I’ll be playing all races. Every race has its own storylines, and while I don’t plan on playing multiple times through, I just have to at least play once per race. And my favorite race gets two playthroughs. Well, at least until they […]

6 Professions I Will Play in Guild Wars 2

I’m an alt-a-holic. But not just that, I do feel that professions in Guild Wars 2 are unique enough from each other that there is much replay value in playing multiple characters. So I narrowed down my list of personal must-play professions to 6. Quick math, that means I won’t play 2 professions. Spoiler: it’s […]

7 Unique Skill Types in Guild Wars 2

Every new MMORPG claims to re-invent the wheel to get new customers. But many have failed to live up to their own generated hype. Here I discuss 7 skill types that, while not entirely new to the MMORPG genre, have been considerably re-worked and re-tooled, making them feel fresh, fresh, exciting! Although I think the […]

What to expect in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 changes the MMORPG genre so much, a lot of people are just confused about it. It’s even a big change compared to Guild Wars 1. This guide is written to clarify what Guild Wars 2 is, what it isn’t, and what frame of mind to approach it to get maximum enjoyment. It’s […]

A Scholar Eye on the Party Guardian

Today I explore the guardian’s ability to boost his allies both offensively and defensively. Guardians have many tools to use on allies, including virtues, healing magic, and protective bubbles. If you like the idea of an armoured character taking care of allies, look no further. This primer will give you all that you need to […]

Beta Weekend 2 Details, Some New Stuff’s Been Added

The beta weekend #2 is coming soon, and this means a big download (nearly 50% the size of the initial download). But with this comes many goodies. WvW now has an underground dungeon area. WvW has more PvE-like events and skill challenges. Mystic Forge lets you donate items and get random stuff in return A […]

A Scholar Eye on Minionmancy

If you like a small army of minions, look no further. This primer will give you all that you need to know to get started. I will focus on necromancer summoning skills as well as traits that directly modify minions.

A Weekend in World vs World.

World vs World vs World (WvWvW), shortened to WvW, is ArenaNet’s version of large-scale war. I spent all my playable time this last BWE to try it and report on it. And I loved it. I’m still a PvE player at heart, but I will be returning to WvW quite a bit. In Guild Wars […]

Alaris’s Beta Weekend Event Guide

This guide is meant to help people get the most out of their weekend event… because even if you forgo sleep, eating, and biobreaks, there is much more to be done than you can do in one weekend. Here I provide some ideas for your to-do list, and some advice to help you find what […]

Guild Wars 2 CE Pre-Purchase: First Impressions

I got the CE pre-purchase today (last one in stock). It’s essentially an empty box with a card inside, on the reverse of which there is a code. What did you expect? The more interesting part is registering. You go to ArenaNet’s website for this, where you enter the code and your email address. You […]

Top 10 Meta-Reasons Guild Wars 2 is a 10

A lot of the same reasons come up when you see people’s top 10: no subscription fee, low grind, high replay value, AAA, dynamic events, WvW, visceral combat… however, Guild Wars 2 isn’t a grocery list of gimmicks, rather, those features are the tip of the iceberg that is ArenaNet’s design philosophy. That philosophy permeates […]

Random Comments that Didn’t Fit in the Other Articles

In this article, I’ll be making random comments on quest types, professions, maps and traveling, grouping quick, and UI. Enjoy! Quest types – Made for Diversity Yes, it’s an MMO, so you will have to kill stuff, help people, collect junk. It’s unavoidable. However, ArenaNet has improved the formula quite a bit by: (1) Making […]