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London 2013 Community Meet and Greet Q&A with special Guest Colin Johanson

“Hey, wanna go to London?” I was asked, it’s not my most favourite of places so I was hesitant. “Wanna go to London to have lunch with ANet?” Okay, you’ve got my attention. A luxurious train ride down to the capital city and before I know it I’m in a bar restaurant with a few […]

Blog your Hearts out

… and your Dynamic Events, and your World vs World stories, and your character creation experiences, and …. Whatever you’re doing this weekend, come share it on the GWOnline blogs! It’s the best way to immortalise your experiences and opinions of the weekend! Creating a blog is super easy, one of our wonderful admins, Lensor, […]
Re-Returning to Tyria… Another month, another Press Beta.This weekend I dipped my toes back into the familiar but still shiny new lands of Tyria, 250 years in the future. I wasn’t as starstruck as last time, so I was able to hunt out certain things or watch certain things play out. Not to say I […]
Guilds were a big part of Guild Wars, a group of like minded players working for a common goal. For some people that goal was just to explore and have fun, for others it was Faction and money farming, or even a group of people to call upon for GvG battles or Heroes’ Ascent / […]
It’s Friday Evening, a few minutes before 8PM GMT and all around the globe there’s several dozen giddy people settling down by their desktops and laptops making final tweaks to their video recording software, making sure they have have supplies to last for a few hours or a few days. Netbooks and tablets and good […]