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Chronicals of the House of Azure: Lyssa

Dreams from Old Faren has been getting on my nerves again. A new woman nearly every day and he inevitably looses them to his own faults. He’s as blind as Kormir with none of the sight. I wasn’t going to go visit the statue today but Faren drove me out of Salma with his incessant […]

Chronicals of the House of Azure: Unsympathic Asurans

Compensation Lacking I know the Asura are not famed for their compensation when one of their inventions starts malfunctioning but this is beyond a joke, almost two weeks unconscious, years of my life erased and all I get is a Larynx to Data Modulator, or for those of us without the arrogance and overly complicated […]
The Edge Project is a new idea that comes straight from the community for the community. The nature of Guild Wars 2 has a huge focus on story and character we thought we would do the same here. I’m Azure by the way and I would like to introduce you to GWOnline’s new community project […]