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Here is the second and final part of the interview we had with the Guild Wars Live Team. Robert Gee talks about the changes we will see  to the Elementalist profession in Guild Wars in the near future. This update was originally scheduled to be released before Wintersday, but it got pushed back, so it […]
As promised, we share with you the first part of the Guild Wars Live Team interview about the content that was added with the “Winds of Change” updates. I was surprised about the length of the answers, especially the ones voicing critique on some of the things the community did not enjoy so much (need […]

Swapping Attunements – More Fun for Elementalists?

I started a new Norn Elementalist this beta weekend and discovered something worth talking about – the speed of the skill unlocks of weapon skills. For most professions, this probably works pretty fast: They have a starter weapon, they unlock three skills – they get an off hand weapon (reward for first storyline quest, bought […]

Interview teaser – More Live Team Q&A coming soon!

I had the chance to submit a set of questions for the Guild Wars Live Team a few weeks ago and wants to share the rest of the answers of that interview with you very soon. John Stumme and Robert Gee have given us information about the development of Winds of Change that you […]

Skill icons for community fansites – “work in progress”

I had the chance to relay a message to CR team member Stéphane and asked him about the possibility of adding “official skill icons” to the GW2wiki, because some of them are of low quality right now (e.g. taken from a digital camera screen shot at Gamescom etc.). This answer I can share with you: […]

30 days of Fire

I have decided that we have to start more things here on the site for players to keep themselves happy in Guild Wars. So I thought I could initiate another topic based thread about screen shots and pictures. That’s why I created a new thread in the Profession forum and proclaimed “30 days of Fire”, […]