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All Brace for the Rise of the Quaggan!

In honor of the recently announced Guild Wars 2 “Heart of the Quaggan”  expansion, GWOnline have decided we are going to change our Charr head logo to one of a mighty Quaggan! Not much is known about this new expansion yet, save the name, and that the story line will revolve around a young Quaggan […]

Free Transfers to All Medium Population Servers Next Week

Colin Johanson just made a post over in the Guild Wars 2 official forums that ArenaNet is opening up all medium population servers for free transfer next week. So if you were looking to move, now is the chance to do so free of charge. [anet]For the next week, all the medium population servers will […]

Guild Missions Update Good News for Casual Guilds

ArenaNet’s Anthony Ordon just posted an update on Guild Missions over at the official Guild Wars 2 blog. Smaller or more casual guilds will be happy to hear that this update includes content specifically geared to them. Once a guild has Art of War level 3 researched, they can start researching Bounty Hunt Training Mission, where the guild […]

31 Days of Sales in the Gem Store

ArenaNet just announced that the in-game gem store will be offering a new item on sale every day throughout March. With discounts ranging from 15% to a whopping 40%, there should be a bargain to be had for most tastes. Each offer runs from midnight to midnight Pacific standard time.
As we all learned earlier this year, Angry Joe really likes Guild Wars 2. How much so is now even more evident, with the release of his personal 2012 Top 10 Best Games of 2012 list. We here at GWOnline can only agree with the congenial gentleman’s assessment!

Gamebreaker’s Viewers’ Choice Award Show Awards Guild Wars 2

For those of you who missed the live stream the other day, just released a video of their 2012 games award show. And there is no denying it – this year’s great winner was without a doubt Guild Wars 2. Taking home the awards for Best Graphics, Best Soundtrack, Best New MMO, and Best […]

The Wintersday Advent Calendar is Here!

As advertised a month and a half back, the 2012 Wintersday Advent Calendar is up and running. Launching off the calendar today is a work by Nian, an artist at GW2 Guru. We also have a few of our own artists here in GWOnline participating, so check it out! 2012 Wintersday Advent Calendar

Fan-Made Guild Wars 2 Music Videos

Today we are spotlighting two awesome fan made Guild Wars 2 music videos. First out are Taylor, Lara, and Malukah who made their own cover on the GW2 theme song “Fear Not This Night”, some say it is even better than the original. And then there are Verse Academy, with what can only be described as […]

ArenaNet on the State of the Guild Wars 2 Economy

John Smith just released an article about the current state of the Guild Wars 2 economy over at the official ArenaNet site. In the article he explains how ArenaNet is using the supply and demand figures gleaned from the Trading Post to adjust in-game availability of different items. Also, to remove some of the surplus […]

ArenaNet Releases First WvW Ranking List

So you’ve been kicking it in WvW the last couple of weeks, and you might wonder, “Are we really this good, or is our competition that bad?”. Earlier today Mike Ferguson released the first ever WvW world ranking list over at the Guild Wars 2 official forums. [anet]Starting on September 1 we began using the results […]

Guild Wars 2 Weekly

A somewhat slow week, the largest news were that ArenaNet will run a Guild Wars 2 stress test on Wednesday June 27th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. PDT (GMT-7). A short stint during European prime time. All thumbs are held that BWE3 will be announced soon thereafter. In other news, long-time ArenaNet artist Kekai Kotaki […]

Guild Wars 2 Weekly

The second Beta Weekend Event over and done with, this week has been packed with impressions and videos. Not as overwhelming as the first one when everything was brand new for several hundred thousand players at once, still an impressive parade! ArenaNet themselves has been mostly quiet this week, catching up on some well-deserved rest […]
We are very happy to present our second guest blog here at GWOnline, this one by Jon Burrage, also known as Demajen. Demajen started blogging about Guild Wars 2 earlier this year, often analysing Guild Wars 2 features in the context of other MMO games, and always with a personal touch. We greatly enjoy his writing, and hope […]