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Winners in GWOnline’s BWE2 Key Giveaway

Yesterday at the stroke of midnight (PDT) we closed our very own Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend 2 key giveaway, and quickly drew the winners using a true random sequence generator. We wish to again thank ArenaNet for this opportunity to put a smile on the faces of 20 community members. Our only wish would […]

Guild Wars 2 Weekly

Finally ArenaNet announced the dates for the second Beta Weekend Event, and it is next weekend! That is June 8th to 10th PDT. In conjunction with this ArenaNet gave a lot of BWE2 keys to general gaming sites as well as different Guild Wars 2 communities (including to give out. It spawned quite the […]

GWOnline Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend 2 Key Giveaway

We here at are very happy to announce that we have gotten 20 Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend 2 keys from ArenaNet to give away to our community. That means you! The contest ends tomorrow Sunday June 3 at midnight PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). How to Enter Make a post in the contest thread over at […]

Guild Wars 2 Weekly

A lot of people had speculated that this weekend would see the second BWE, but ArenaNet told us earlier in the week that this would not be the case, citing needing to set up more hardware as one of the reasons. ArenaNet also shared some background on what goes into naming the Tyrian places and inhabitants. The […]

ArenaNet Confirms: NO BWE This Coming Weekend

Feel free to make plans this weekend; ArenaNet confirmed today there will be no Beta Weekend Event (BWE) this coming weekend. After yesterday’s update from Rubi Bayer, neither confirming nor denying that there would be no BWE May 25-28, most assumed there would be no BWE this coming weekend, but some confusion still remained within […]

Guild Wars 2 Weekly

This week we got another taste of Guild Wars 2 game play with the short stress test on Monday. Personally I mostly ran around headless chicken mode, reported a few bugs, kamikazeed on some trolls in a cave and got my behind handed to me in the Ascalon Dungeon (entering all alone at level 15 – not […]

ArenaNet Wants to Know About New GW2 Fansites

Do you run or know of a good small or new Guild Wars 2 fan blog/site/channel/project? Want to get some ArenaNet-generated traffic going? If so, head right over to the Guild Wars 2 official Facebook page and put that hat in the ring! [anet]Earlier this week we told you about the RP fan blog and New […]

GWOnline is Looking For More!

Now that it feels like Guild Wars 2 release is not only a theoretical goal far far away but something that is actually going to happen, we here at GWOnline are looking for people to round up our Content and Community teams. We are currently looking for News Updaters, Columnists, Article Writers, Editors, Graphical Artists, a FANtastic […]
In their latest blog post published earlier today, ArenaNet’s Regina Buenaobra shares the inspirational tale of long-time Guild Wars fan Kelly, who together with her dog Anna walked from Maine to California. Kelly goes online under the name Ameranth. Ameranth is now also a Sylvari Ranger NPC in Guild Wars 2 who goes on an […]

Guild Wars Dance Party

Now that Guild Wars 2 is drawing ever nearer, those of us who played the original Guild Wars might be getting a bit sentimental. An end of an era and all that. I know I am. This awesome fan made Guild Wars dance video by YouTuber eeglfethr therefore struck a cord with me. Here’s to […]

Guild Wars 2 Weekly

After a couple of weeks of downtime we are back with a new and improved Guild Wars 2 Weekly! There is still work to be done, but I thought I would present this work-in-progress to you guys for a test drive. This is part of an ongoing effort to help the community to stay on […]
I got the question in Guild Chat on Saturday when I said that I was playing Guild Wars 2 on a Linux computer, “Why?”. I explained that I would like to play my new favorite game on my favorite operating system and I anyway do not have a Window computer available. Not one with gaming […]

Choose Your Own Music in Guild Wars 2

What seems like a very long time ago, Jim Boer wrote an ArenaNet blog post about the Guild Wars 2 audio design. That was the first time we heard of a very special system promised for Guild Wars 2 – a tool to make your own context-dependent in-game sound tracks. Since then it has been […]

Guild Wars 2 Weekly – Changes Coming

The very first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event has come and gone, and it was a blast. Also, seeing so many people coming together to play with us in the GWOnline Alliance Guild was heartwarming. You guys are the best! This marks a milestone not only for ArenaNet, but also for us as a […]