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Meta Event Notifier

Guided Daggers has done some updates on his awesome meta event notifier that he created with the official Guild Wars 2 API. If you haven’t been using it, give it a try here! If you have any feedback or questions, check out the relevant thread in our forums.

Small squad tactics in WvW

Earlier today, Isaiah Cartwright live streamed some WvW, showcasing some of his favorite tactics for running small groups in WvW. Check out a link below!

Redesigning Town Clothes

Note: This article is an opinion piece. It does not reflect the views of GWO, nor does it represent any upcoming changes to Guild Wars 2. Town Clothes are a great idea. They are an evolution of costumes from the original Guild Wars. If you did not play GW1, you can check out the wiki […]

Super Adventure Box FAQ

Never one to disappoint with the April Fools pranks, ANet has outdone themselves this year. Instead of a one-day prank, we got a whole month of new content. Check out the FAQ and watch the sweet commercial!   [ANET] How do I get into the Super Adventure Box? Moto has set up shop at the […]

Official Stream of Living World Content

The ANet team live streamed some Living World content earlier today. If you missed it, you can watch it at the link below. [ANET]The recording of our latest livestream is now up for those of you who missed it: … ~RB2[SOURCE][/SOURCE][/ANET]

Game Update Notes – March 26, 2013

The March patch is finally here and it’s another big one! Check out the full notes below and as always, join our discussion and tell us what you think! [ANET] LIVING STORY Flame and Frost: The Razing A hybrid army erupts through fiery portals in the Shiverpeaks. This “Molten Alliance” between dredge and Flame Legion […]

Upcoming mega boss chest change

Get your farming in while you can! Tell us how you feel about this change in our thread. [ANET] In the next release we will adjust the way that world mega bosses award their loot. The current chests will stay lootable once per day per character, but each boss’s guaranteed rare item drop will be […]

Bug Fixes – March 7 2013

A quick patch went up last night to address a few bugs. Notes are below. [ANET] LIVING STORY Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm Fixed an issue with Living Story invader events occasionally stalling. Guild Bounties Guesting players will now be eligible for personal bounty completion rewards for foreign chapters of their guild. Guesting players […]

Living Story: Evolution

Head on over to the official blog for some insights into the evolution of the Living Story! [ANET] It’s me again, Angel McCoy, from the Living Story team, and I’m writing this to share a bit more insight into what’s happening and what’s planned for our Living Story content. We’ve been working hard at it. […]

Guild Bounty Speed Up Bugged – FIXED

The bug affecting guild bounty acceleration was fixed! [ANET]this issue has now been fixed, guilds are able to speed up bounty builds without worrying about losing influence ^AT[SOURCE][/SOURCE][/ANET] There is a bug in unlocking Guild Bounty Missions and ANet has advised players not to spend any influence to speed up the process. Does not seem […]

Game Update Notes – February 26

The February content update is now live! And it’s a big one, so make sure you click through for the full post. Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the forums!   [ANET] LIVING STORY Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm The situation is getting worse for the citizens of Wayfarer Foothills and […]

PvP Tournament Changes

ArenaNet revealed that paid tournaments are being replaced with free tournaments as paid tournaments are no longer required due to the ratings and matchmaking system. [ANET]In the upcoming patch on February 26, Paid Tournaments are going to be replaced by Free Tournaments. One of the reasons we initially introduced Paid Tournaments was to create a place […]

Leah Rivera on New Guild Missions

Hot off the press, the lowdown on guild missions, including a fresh video! As always, check a snippet out below and click through for the full story on the official blog. [ANET]Do you like games? How about friends? What about games with friends? If you said yes to any of those, pull up a chair, […]

Bag Slots and Bank Tabs on Sale!

Via Twitter: [ANET]Bag Slots and Bank Tabs are 20% off in the Gem Store through February 26! ~RB2[SOURCE][/SOURCE][/ANET]