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A Further Introduction to Guild Wars 2 Livestream

New to Guild Wars 2? The latest live stream from ArenaNet should help you on your way.

Isaiah Cartwright on Guild Wars 2 Dungeon Reward Changes

ArenaNet make changes to Guild Wars 2 dungeon rewards.

This Week on IncGamers 7-14 July

The weekly IncGamers recap for week of 7-14 July

Guild Wars 2 Cutthroat Politics Update Releases on 23 July

Ellen Kiel and Black Lion Trader Evon Gnashblade go head to head.

Game Update Notes for 27 June

[ANET]LIVING WORLD Aetherblade Retreat Fixed a bug in how Investigator Kiel operates as she ascends the tunnel to Rogue’s Landing which was preventing players to progress to the final boss fight with Mai and Horrik. Corrected a safeguard in the final boss fight that erroneously revived players inside Rogue’s Landing instead of at the chosen […]

Sky Pirates of Tyria Now Live – Watch the Trailer

It’s the 25th and the Sky Pirates of Tyria is now live!  Here’s the trailer…

This Week on IncGamers 3-9 June

It’s that time of year again game fans, it’s E3! The main site team are going to be flat-out next week from Monday when all the E3 conferences kick off. No doubt many of you will be soaking up as much game info as you can over the next seven days, whether you’re a […]

Dragon Bash Event Details

Mark your diaries, the Dragon Bash events are incoming.   Lion’s Arch honors the defiant spirit of its citizenry with the rousing Dragon Bash festival, when revelers laugh in the face of fear! Sponsored by the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch, Dragon Bash is a month-long celebration packed with all-new activities, fireworks, exclusive rewards, and […]

Play Rytlock’s Critter Rampage Now

The Super Adventure Box was a such a neat idea for 1 April and there’s a new update from Matthew Oswald, ArenaNet’s Cinematics team lead, who discusses the process they went through to create the retro styled trailer. There is more to Super Adventure Box than meats the eye though, they decided to create a 16-bit […]

This Week on IncGamers 8-14 April

The team have been busy this week on, it’s been pretty hectic thanks to embargoes lifting and also preparing for the week ahead’s content. So what did we get up to? Here’s your weekly recap. Dark Souls II: What we know so far about the PC version Shootmania Storm Review Company of Heroes 2 […]

Regina Interview

Regina Buenaobra, as most of you know, is the community manager at ArenaNet and there’s a nice interview with here online here in which discusses her role at the company and of course Guild Wars 2. Given the behind the scenes access Regina has, being part of ArenaNet, we were wondering how much, if at all, it […]

Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost Retribution Page Live

A quick heads-up that the Flame & Frost: Retribution page is now live on the official site. [ANET]In secret foundries deep beneath the Shiverpeaks, the Molten Alliance forges deadly new weaponry that combine the fiery power of the Flame Legion with the iron might of the dredge. There, Alliance weapon smiths test their creations on […]

Leaderboard Stats Live on GW2 site

So how are you doing on the Leaderboards? The Leaderboards are now live and you can view them on this page now where you can find the PvE, PvP, and WvW rankings. The top five are shown but you can browse through the list.

Leif Chappelle on Designing a Living World

The Guild Wars 2 blog was updated once again with ArenaNet’s Leif Chappelle, one of the Living World designers, discussing how they approached the design of the Living World. Through content updates ArenaNet are aiming to keep the world evolving and we’ll see more holidays, dungeons and more as the story progresses. Check out the full […]