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The Halloween Diorama Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to all the winners and participants! [ANET]The first Halloween of [I]Guild Wars 2[/I] has come and gone, and we put our community’s creativity to the test with the [URL=””][I]Guild Wars 2[/I] Halloween Diorama Contest[/URL]. You didn’t disappoint—we received so many impressive entries that it was a tough task to choose our favorites. Everyone here […]

2012 Wintersday Advent Calendar Being Planned

Back in 2007, the fan artists of GWOnline and GWGuru came together and created a Guild Wars Wintersday Advent Calendar. Perynne, the organizer of the last advent calendar, is again organizing an advent calendar for this year in Guild Wars 2 theme and is looking for artists of any skill levels and any specialty. The […]

Guild Wars 2 Halloween Diorama Contest Coming Up

It’s October, and it’s that time of year: candy corns, Mad King, and last but not least, Halloween Contest! With Guild Wars 2 up and running, however, things are a bit different this year: they are asking crafters for a Guild Wars 2 diorama. A diorama is a 3-D model of a scenery depicted using […]

Stress Test, Sunday August 12

It’s a short notice, but there is a 1 hour stress test today as mentioned on GW2 Facebook page. Special thanks to nkuvu for posting a thread in the news forum. [ANET]We will be conducting a stress test TOMORROW Sunday, August 12 from 11:00 AM PACIFIC Time to 12:00 Noon PACIFIC Time. REMEMBER: We will […]

Who Wants to Have Their Characters Drawn?

Have you ever considered to get your character drawn by someone, but decided not to because commissions are expensive? Or did you just not have a chance to get one? In the Fan Arts forum, there currently is an opportunity for you to grab a free drawing of your character. I am looking for models […]

The Aesthetics and Creative Side of GW2 – Part 3: Customization

continued from Part 2: Audio It’s expected that the developer team of a game is creative. They come up with ideas to make the game more enjoyable and attractive for the gamers. But what about you, the gamer? I, being an artist and crafter, enjoy being creative even while I’m playing a game. It’s nice […]
The other weekend, I had the honor of joining GWO’s Guild Wars 2 press beta team. This was actually my very first time playing Guild Wars 2, and so far I liked what I witnessed in the game. The improvements and changes such as the new skill system, underwater combat, and PvP format are attractive, […]